January 2, 2015

Early Review: AS FAST AS YOU CAN by Lee Strauss


Author: Lee Strauss

Source: eARC from author for review

Est Release Date: Jan 7, 2015

FRINGE meets CASTLE in this New Adult Sci-fi Mystery Suspense by Amazon best-selling author Lee Strauss.

Marlow finds himself in a "new world" and has to convince Sage of the danger at hand. Their friendship grows as they work together to track a killer and hopefully find their friend Teagan before it's too late.

AS FAST AS YOU CAN is the 2ND part of a three part episode - Gingerbread Man - in the romantic suspense series, A Nursery Rhyme Suspense.

Episode release dates:
Run Run Run - December 31
As Fast As You Can - January 7
You Can't Catch Me - January 14

Gingerbread Man (ep 1-3) complete - January 28

My take...

Please do NOT read if you have yet to read episode one, RUN RUN RUN. My review will quite possibly contain spoilers for that book! You've been warned!

Also note I rated this book 4.5 Stars. But when leaving reviews on sites such as Amazon , Goodreads, etc...I round up to the next highest star.

Marlow has now traveled to a different world in search of finding out what happened to Teagan. Together he will work with Teagan's best friend, Sage, with hopes to bring her back safely. But time is of the essence. At least Marlow thinks it is. This world is so different than the one he left behind; he is not sure how much time he has to find her...if any at all. He is not even sure how he will make it home. 

I actually rated this book 4.5 stars only because of where the story was going. Don't get me wrong, I loved it. But I wasn't crazy at what was stirring between Marlow and Sage. I thought there were real feelings between him and Teagan. I had high hopes for them two. But I am guessing when we get to YOU CAN'T CATCH ME, things will work out one way or another. Whether it be with Sage or Teagan or no one. I have complete and total faith in Strauss that she has something amazing planned out for everyone involved. 

This is a fabulous little novella series that is sure to keep you on your toes the entire time. It ends on another cliffhanger but leaves you aching to know what the heck just happened. It is anyone's guess! Cannot wait to find out!! 

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  1. I had to skip over this review because I didn't want any spoilers, but I did want to stop by and say that this looks like a good book to me!