March 4, 2015

#Giveaway for an uncorrected paperback proof of SNAPPED by Killian McRae {Excerpt}

Killian McRae’s new release, SNAPPED, is coming out on March 20. It’s a contemporary romance with a dark edge and lots of heat set in the hills of Southern California.  Killian has offered up an uncorrected paperback proof for my readers. This is open to international readers too, so have at it.

On the surface, Taryn Pearson’s life seems perfect. No one sees how her past casts shadows over her present or senses the rage she fights every day to conceal. Total self-control has kept her safe, but it’s also left her isolated. Before transitioning from graduate school to her career as a lab assistant, her aunt urges her to be bold, expand her boundaries, and try something new.

Photographer Rafael de le Sente escaped the barrio and demons of his youth, but he can’t outrun the consequences of his adult actions. Rarely able to separate work from pleasure, his licentious leanings finally cost him his biggest client. Rafael deigns to take on Taryn as a student for a price, proving his professionalism in the process. Almost immediately, he knows he’s doomed. Here is a woman who keeps his interest and tempts his libido. Every lesson further challenges her discipline and his control. Taryn may be just what he’s always longed for – an equal – but letting someone in so closely challenges his nature.

Rafael never wanted love, Taryn never desired a lover, but they’ll need each other to finally bring their lives in to focus. Frame by frame, they move closer to accepting the pull between them. Every camera flash drags more of their pasts into the light, bringing them closer to a photo finish with fate.

Rafael took two steps forward. She reciprocated his advance, her back flattening against the wall as she ceded. His dark eyes narrowed in on her as he closed the distance, his hand coming up to brush her cheek. “I only agreed to meet you because I needed the money. I agreed to work with you, however, because you have a talent I want to call out of its chains and free. You’re intriguing to me, Miss Pearson. Enigmatic. I want to decode you, maybe even reprogram you. I need to explore you, and I’m committed to enduring whatever provisions your aunt lays down for that to happen. The money, at this point, is just a bonus. Do you really think Miss Scott would still be in the house if not for the fact that I honestly want to help you along?”
“You have a thing for formality. Miss Scott, Miss Pearson, making me call you sir… Why?”
She felt her insides liquefy as Rafael brushed away the hair from her ear. His lips danced along the sides of her face as he leaned in and spoke. “I’m trying to be professional, remember? If you want me to call you Taryn, you’re asking me to change the fundamental nature of our relationship. If that’s what you’re after, Miss Pearson, we can tell the model in the next room to leave and we’ll put the cameras away for the afternoon. But something tells me that’s not what you really want.”
“You’re very smug, you know that?”

He pulled away, grinning at her. “It’s one of my defining characteristics. Now, if you’d like to be a photographer, Taryn—” his fingers hooked her belt loops, peeling her body from the wall before laying a hand on the small of her back and giving her a push towards the studio door “—I suggest you go be it.”

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