May 9, 2015

5 Star Review: SAVOR by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Title: Savor

Author: Alyssa Rose Ivy

Source: eARC from author for review


Jared is Vera's perfect man—until he opens his mouth. An incredible body and set of wings can only go so far when everything he says seems designed to make her mad. Still, she can't deny her intense attraction or the fact that he is the closest thing she has to a friend.

Jared doesn't go for bear shifters, especially ones that are related to his ex, but he can't resist Vera's charm or the way she understands him better than anyone else.

As suspicions build and loyalties are tested, Vera and Jared realize that they may not be able to trust anyone but each other.

My take...

Vera and Jared are headed to be with her mom and her dad. A dad she didn't know existed until just recently. Jared is along for the ride seeking answers about his own mother. But as the two spend more and more time together, they realize there are feelings there. Just neither one is ready to admit it yet. Will Vera be able to stick around for once and face her future and her parents? Or will she want to take flight the minute things get too uncomfortable for her?

Now, while I wasn't absolutely in love with the last book, I will tell you I was with this one. I am totally digging Jared once again. Boy sure could drive this reader crazy nearly 99% of the time in the past. But it seems he has his act together and I believe it is all thanks to Vera. In fact I know it is. This girl is something special if she can manage the likes of him.

SAVOR has a fabulous story line that kept me reading and waiting in suspense. Each turn held something unexpected and I was pleased with how it all ended. In a friggin’ cliffhanger! But still, I was happy with it. Left me excited for what is to come! Ivy did a great job with this one and I am looking forward to more.

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  1. I'm so excited Jared got his story and that it was awesome! I so need to read this!