June 27, 2015

My #UtopYA2015 Experience & a New Nomination for Best Blog...

So, here it is nearly a week since UtopYA has ended and I am just getting around to working on my post. I rarely in a blue moon get on the computer before 9pm most days. Payton, being the princess she is, doesn’t like for mom’s attention to be elsewhere. It makes for paying bills quite the chore.

Another reason it has taken so long is because I am still in awe of the wonderful time I had. I will be honest; I was blown away by how utterly sweet everyone was. And it was genuine. I wasn’t expecting that. Not from everyone. But everyone was. It was an amazing feeling. All. That. Love.

Even though I started off the event as a huge bag of nerves I was soon feeling right at home. Because really, you go to a huge event like UtopYA and do you really think everyone is going to notice you right off the bat? Heck no…especially with the way I Instagram the crap out of my pics. I am sure I look nothing like my profile pic. It is like small fish in GIGANTIC ocean. But let me tell you…people did recognize me. Props to Carol Kunz who was the first one…out in the parking lot no less! (Kicking myself for not getting a pic with her and Adam.)

But I even had author friends recognize Payton before they did me. I guess since I actively participate in “Over Sharenting”. You know, the new parenting now days on facebook? ;) How could you not notice that bald headed beauty?

I was so excited to meet so many authors I have been calling my “author friends” for so long now: Rachel Higginson, Michele Miller, Rebecca Yarros, Raine Thomas, Carol and Adam Kunz, Misty Provencher, Mary Ting, Nancy Straight, Carlyle Labuschagne (who by the way has the best accent eva!!! And again, another no pic fail. #boo). Yes, the list goes on and on. I was in book nerd heaven the entire time.

But UtopYA was a chance in a lifetime. Especially for me. I rarely get to make it to these types of events. With 4 girls there is always something going on…or something that money could go to. But I did it and I had a complete blast.

And as most of you there saw, my hubs was a Rockstar! Right? Carrying all the things. Pushing Payton in her stroller. Grabbing all the swag. Rockstar! I paid him back nicely though. No, no, no! Not that way, you silly pervs. I took him out on the town and did touristy stuff. It was fun since we hadn’t been to Nashville in a few years.

I also want to say thanks for the nomination for Best Blog. It meant so much to be nominated. My heart was so full from just being recognized. And now I Read Indie has been nominated yet again!! Wooo hooo!!! This time at Penned Con. So, I'll just leave this sweet little link right HERE.


  1. Just voted for you and Mary Ting!

  2. Congrats, gal! Just voted for you. :) It was so great meeting you at last!