August 14, 2015

5 Star Review: THIS IS WHERE WE BEGIN by Shannon McCrimmon


Author: Shannon McCrimmon

Source: ebook from author for review


In this continuation in the Hearts of Haines Series, Katie McDaniels is unemployed, pregnant, and relying on Evie and Finch for a place to live. She is trying to survive. Nothing seems to be going right for her until Preston Dobbins steps into her life and an unexpected gift comes her way, finally giving her a chance at happiness.

Preston Dobbins is fighting his strong feelings for Katie McDaniels. He guards a well-kept secret, one that consumes him with guilt.

As an old foe threatens Katie's happiness, Preston risks everything to save her from tragedy.

My take...

I could not wait to start this book. I was so excited to see if Katie would get her happy ending after all the crud she had to put up with dealing with her ex and her father. This girl definitely deserved some joy for once. And I am happy to say that McCrimmon did not disappoint. Expect the sweetness that comes along with first loves. Expect some butterflies. Expect the feels.

I am always happy when finishing one of McCrimmon's books. She knows how to write the romance and give us a wonderful storyline to enjoy all at once. And this one was no exception. I absolutely adored Preston. He is just as endearing as Finch was in the first 2 books of the series. Only this time it is Katie's turn to get the affection of a good man.

If you have been keeping up with the series, you know there is trouble afoot in Haines. And it all points to Katie's daddy. Well, it is going to be Preston's job to come in and clean up the filth that has taken over. And hopefully be able to nab Nate in the crosshairs. The man is a vile person and deserves to be locked away, if only for the way he has treated Katie.

Another beautifully written story with an equally beautiful romance…THIS IS WHERE WE BEGIN is a wonderful read. I give it 5 Stars all the way! Pick it up today and immerse yourself in the goodness of this book!

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