November 13, 2015

5* Review: CLOCKWORK CRAZY by Elle Strauss


Author: Elle Strauss

Source: eARC from author for review


The continuation of the story arc started in Counter Clockwise ( Clockwise #5)

The stress created by Casey’s recent split from Nate causes her to trip back in time in a haphazard manner, and not always to the same time! Sometimes she’s in 1929 Boston getting more entangled than ever with the mishaps of her new and not-so-helpful friends, and at other times she’s back in 1775 trying to make sure the colonists still win the war of Independence!

Will the craziness ever stop? And will she and Nate work out things in time for graduation?

My take...

When we finished with COUNTER CLOCKWISE, none of us readers knew what to expect. Casey’s life was spiraling out of control; messing with her personal life and her time traveling life as well. With the way things were going she may have changed the world as she knew it for the worse. Only time will tell if she will be able to right all her wrongs...

There is no easy way to review this book without giving away major plots and spoilers. But I loved it! I quickly read through this book and loved every second of it. The not knowing of where Casey would end up every time she tripped was what pulled me in. And if she ended up changing her present world was what had me hanging on to every word. I was scared about her future. So many things were changing with each trip that you never knew what to expect.

If you have been keeping up with the amazing series then you are most definitely going to want to read this book. If you haven't caught up this far in the series, then what are you waiting for? Hurry!! It is a must read! 5 Stars!

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