February 19, 2016

5* Review: WEST by Michele G Miller

Title: WEST

Author: Michele G Miller

Source: bought on kindle


“Jules’ parents thanked me for saving their daughter that night. Little do they know, their daughter is saving me with every word, every touch, every moment. Sometimes the things you thought you knew are completely wrong. For so long I thought I didn’t want anything to do with the West I was, then Friday night happened and now all I want is what I once had.”

For high school senior West Rutledge, surviving the storm is only the beginning. Four years ago, he closed himself off from his friends and his dreams, but in one night one girl makes him reconsider everything.

People say West saved Jules Blacklin’s life the night of the storm. West says Jules saved his.

This is his side of their story.

**WEST may be read as a stand alone novel. You do not have to read From The Wreckage first to enjoy his story.**

My take...
From the moment the sirens sounded, I’d felt the need to protect this girl, to keep her calm.

I bought WEST the day it released. To say that I was excited to read a book all in West's POV is an understatement. I have loved this boy from the moment I was first introduced to him back in June of 2014. Almost 2 full years later and I am still hung up on him; still hung up on this series.

But I made the mistake of starting this book the day before we left on vacation. I thought I would have it read by the time we got down to the beach. It was after all supposed to be an 8 and a half hour trip. (More like 10hrs). However, I didn't take in consideration all the time I would have to devote to keeping my 1yr old entertained. Every 5 mins. The entire trip. No problem, I'll just read at night once she crashes. Nope. Not then either. Because once she crashed, so did I. So, long story short I finished it the day after we got home. A full day devoted to West. And I loved every second I got to spend with him.

Miller outdid herself with this one. WEST was an amazing, beautiful, heart clinching, mess you up kind of story. I forgot all about the fear it induced from the start as they tried to survive the tornado that not only took half their town, but so many friends as well. But I was soon reminded. Miller not only made me feel the emotions of that night in the first book, but came back in this one and had me relive it once again. Complete brilliance on her part at being able to do it all over again and make it fresh and real.

If you read the first one, I absolutely recommend this one. If you haven't read the first one, I suggest you do so before WEST. It just makes sense. And I think you will understand why once you have read both. But it can be read as a standalone. 5 Magnificent Stars!

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