March 21, 2016

Check this book out: REBORNE by JM Reece {Excerpt}

Evil has risen…and darkness has descended upon the small town of Solomon, South Carolina. 
Four years ago, Delilah Lucas left home for college with ideas of escaping the mundane existence of small-town life. Grief stricken over the death of her father, she has come home, only to find her town besieged by terror. Determined, Delilah will walk through Hell itself in order to protect her own. 
Fate has dealt Jackson Sloane an ugly hand. He, too, left Solomon –to join the army, but, upon returning home, he has brought with him dark secrets that are best kept hidden. 
Together, the two of them will join forces with unforeseen allies to fight against the ancient evil that threatens to destroy their lives and tear their town apart. For the things that go bump in the night do exist… 
They are real and they’ve come to Solomon. 

A door slamming brought the attention back to the girl. She was different - there was something almost… familiar about her. Her scent was one that he knew somehow, recognized. It was etched in his memory, a very dangerous memory that spanned centuries. Even her blood smelled different than the others like her. She had gone inside now, out of sight. He sniffed noisily. But that sweet smell lingered still. Excerpt From: J M Reece. “Reborne.” iBooks. This material may be protected by copyright.

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