March 31, 2016

Come Check Out These Wonderful Children's Books by C. Johnson

Mish The Mushroom Man is story for young children about self worth and what we think of ourselves, regardless of what others may think of us. Mish tries to be accepted by the other mushroom men in the forest, with the help of his loyal side kick Sidley the snail. His efforts are unsuccessful. It takes a forest catastrophe to make the other mushroom men see Mish for who he really is, a very brave and wonderful friend to all.

If you love stories about mermaids and mermen, this is the book for you. There are twelve short tales with lots of wonderful characters, of both merpeople and aquatic creatures. The pages are filled with wise seals, playful crabs, trained sea horses and lost polar bears who all interact with the fish taled sea folk.

Glass half full or is it half empty? The way we see our lives is so important. We all need a reminder from time to time that life can be a joyous learning roller coaster ride or it can be a fearful, miserable journey. We say no to life in so many ways,if we aren't open. This simple little book celebrates the power of positive attitude, and encourages us to accept life as it comes-good or bad. Life's challenges can nurture spiritual growth if we look at ourselves and others with an eye of compassion.

Mikey's Bad Day is a story of a little five year old boy who is struggling to remember the do's and don'ts that he's been taught. He's smart and energetic and has a great sense of humor but sometimes he makes mistakes. He finds out that by making a few mistakes, people can learn a whole lot, and what he thought was a not so nice day turned out to be fine.

Ashley was a quiet, introspective little girl who spent much of her time alone on a grassy hill behind her house. She loved looking at the clouds in the sky during all the seasons. Then she met someone who changed her ideas of what friendship was all about. She learned to embrace her world, filled with imagination AND people.

This is Mish and Friends Holiday Coloring and Activity Book, just in time for gift giving this holiday season. It's full of pictures to color and activities to challenge young brains. Lots of fun!

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