June 1, 2016

5*Review: STRANGE MAGIC by Michelle Mankin

Title: Strange Magic

Author: Michelle Mankin

Source: ebook from author for review


Billy Blade is a hardworking, hard living, razor sharp musical force. Mysterious behind his dark shades, the rough around the edges Texan mesmerizes with his haunting harmonica and tantalizes with his dangerous looks and smooth country charm. His latest album is topping the charts. He’s the newly crowned King of the Bacchus Krewe. He’s definitely living the rock star dream.
Exotic Creole beauty Thyme Bellerose couldn’t be more content. She has it all. An adoring grandmother. A handsome Tulane medical student beau. A satisfying job in the heart of New Orleans’ French Quarter. Her life is as rich as the ice cream she creates. She’s got everything under control.
But control is an illusion. Dreams can turn into nightmares. And now during Mardi Gras, otherworldly powers stand ready to shape their destinies in ways they could never imagine.
Shadow and light. Magic and mystery. Reality and myth. All come together in a place where rules bend and lines blur. Even those between life and death.

My take…

Whatever the bond was between this broken man and an invisible girl, it transformed into something much more substantial and significant during those quiet hours before the break of the New Orleans’ dawn.

I am going to be a tad bit honest with you. Not that I am never not honest in my reviews. But I am sad to say that I almost gave up on this book. Not for the fact that it was poorly written or wasn’t holding its own. Nope. It was the mere fact of where I thought it was going with a certain character. A character I am not fond of in any story, in any light. The very thought of him turns my stomach. We humans know him as Satan.

But you know what I did? I pushed through. I got past that part and in the end I am so very glad I did. Because the story really did turn around and went somewhere I wasn’t expecting. It was such a great, great read.

Ok, now that I got that confession off my chest I can continue on. Let me start with Thyme. First of all, I adore that name. Wish I would have thought of it for one of my girls. It is beautiful and different. And it fit her character perfectly. She is just a wonderful character that got a bad lot in life. But a character that handled it better than anyone else would have.

I loved the idea that we get a sneak peek here and there of Mankin’s Black Cat Records series. A series most of us is familiar with. You are familiar with it right? If not, go read them soon!! But I will mention the great thing is it didn’t overwhelm this book. In fact, it was kind of like a sweet secret being whispered to those who have read the series before. Just knowing it’s there is the fun part.

What else? Oh yes!! I mentioned Billy, right? I didn’t? Oh wow. You may not like him quite at first. He will definitely have to grow on you if you are not a fan of the womanizing man in books. Yes, I was put off with him at first and then I realized that over a short period of time I was starting to like him. And then loving him. Who wouldn’t love a man that over a couple days was turning his life around for the better.

All in all, I adore this book. I look forward to starting DREAM MAGIC next and seeing what is to come. Mankin, you did a great job and it was wonderfully done. 5 Stars!

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