June 3, 2016

RIGHT OF REDEMPTION by Sarah Negovetich {Interview/Giveaway}

Rebecca escaped the PIT, found a family among the Freemen...and watched too many loved ones die. All she wants is the Cardinal to leave her in peace, but he's made it clear that's never going to happen.
When the Cardinal attacks other Freemen villages, she finally understands that no one is safe from his wrath. As the only one who's stood up to the evil that is the Cardinal, it's up to her to convince the others that they can't hide forever. It's time to fight.
The Machine predicted Rebecca would become the Cardinal's enemy. It may have gotten that one right.
In the conclusion to the Acceptance series, enemies become allies and old friends emerge, but in the end, sacrifice may be the price of freedom.

*What would you be doing right now if you were not an author?
 I actually have a second job that I can't imagine giving up. I get to be an author and a literary agent. It's pretty much the best gig ever.

*5 years ago: what were you doing?

 Five years ago I was a marketing manager for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. I loved it, but between work and my kids there was very little time for my own writing. When we moved across the country I decided a career change was a good idea.

*Do you have a certain writing ritual?

I try not to have a ritual so that I can write anywhere when I have some time. That said, I have a really hard time writing if my desk is cluttered, which is a problem since my kids seem to think that Mom's desk is a catch-all for stuff they don't know what to do with. I'm currently surrounded by discarded Frozen press-on nails, tacky glue, and bug spray. Because that makes sense.

*What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author?

I've been pretty lucky so far when it comes to reviews. My toughest comments usually come from my beta readers. Probably the hardest was on Rite of Redemption. A beta pointed out that one of my characters had become useless and could easily be removed from the story without changing anything. It was hard to hear, but absolutely spot on. After some grueling rewrites, I know it's a much better book.

*Ever fangirled over another author? Who was it?

Absolutely. I met Brandon Sanderson a few years ago and just about lost my marbles. I was so excited. He asked if I had any questions for him and I just shook my head like an idiot. I got so flustered, I almost forgot to get my book signed until a friend reminded me. 

*Is there an author you'd like to meet?

I'd need a TARDIS, but I'd love to have tea with Jane Austen. You just know that she would have the best gossip and be full of wonderful, snarky one liners.

*Biggest writing pet peeve?
It's weird I know, but I hate when an author has a character walk into a new space and stop to describe the room for an entire paragraph. I'm probably guilty of doing it myself, but as a reader, I tend to skip right over those sections.

* Do you read other's reviews of your books?

I know everyone says not to, but I absolutely read every single one. You have to have tough skin to do it, but I think it's a great way to better understand your readers and what they want. Several reviewers of Rite of Rejection mentioned wanting to know more of the the Territory's history, so I worked to add more of that in to the other books in the series. While it's too late to fix any flaws readers find in your work, it's never too late to improve them for your next book.

Fav Color: Teal
Fictional Character you'd like to spend the day with: Luna Lovegood

Fav food: Shrimp scampi fettuccine

Fav song and/or singer: Love the song "Shut up and Dance with Me". I could jam to that all day.

Guilty pleasure: I hide ice cream in the freezer and the good chocolate in my desk. Then I don't eat it until my kids are in bed so I don't have to share.

Sarah Negovetich knows you don't know how to pronounce her name and she's okay with that.
Her first love is Young Adult novels, because at seventeen the world is your oyster. Only oysters are slimy and more than a little salty; it’s accurate if not exactly motivational. We should come up with a better cliché.
Sarah divides her time between writing YA books that her husband won’t read and working with amazing authors as an agent at Corvisiero Literary Agency. Her life’s goal is to be only a mildly embarrassing mom when her kids hit their teens.
You can learn more about Sarah and her books at www.SarahNegovetich.com or follow her antics on Twitter @SarahNego.

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