August 13, 2016



Author: Karice Bolton

Source: eBook from author to review


*Can be read as a standalone* "Between a hot fireman and a sweet librarian, I never wanted the story to end. Each page sizzled with a slow burn, and it was a fantastic and heartwarming story."

Jewels Jennings—zippy librarian by day and book blogger by night—came back to the one and only place beyond the pages of a book that has given her happiness, Fireweed Island. Years ago, she tore off the island in a speedboat with the man she was supposed to marry in tow and a vow never to return to small-town living . . . only to return with her tail between her legs, newly divorced, and completely skeptical of anything resembling love. She prefers to stick to the men between the pages of her latest read rather than waste time in the real world.

Jake Harlen fled to Fireweed Island with the hopes of forgetting his past. He’s been busy carving out a life that anchors him far away from people and the complications they always manage to deliver. He likes his life, manages it with the care it deserves, and is content in his single ways . . . until he goes on a rescue call and meets the town librarian.

When Jewels finds her life hanging in the balance more than once, Jake is the only one who can save her, but neither of them realizes the magic of love that Fireweed is determined to deliver, but only one of them is ready to accept what fate has in store.

My take...

Dear World, I want to introduce you to a series that is so utterly amazing; so brilliantly romantic. A series that has set its hooks into me so deeply. I adore it, I think upon it, and I worship this author's feet and the ground she walks on. That's how much I love this series AND just about everything else Bolton writes into existence.

FOREVER LOVE ON FIREWEED ISLAND is a beautiful romance that was balanced out perfectly with humor, intrigue and more humor. Getting stuck in a tree while trying to save her neighbor's pet, Jewels comes face to face with the elusive Jake Harlen. He is an enigma around the island, who seems to only come out when performing his fireman like duties. But Jewels and Jake spark up a relationship and soon she starts getting bits here and there about the real Jake. And what she discovers may be what she has been searching for her whole life: her fictional man brought to life.

This was such a fun and wonderfully told book. It's about 2 people that have both been hurt in the past in different ways. It's about if they are ready to move on from the safety of what they have become accustomed to. It's about romance!!! Can they work through the past and the pain and find that forever kind of love with someone new?

Once again, I have found my heart getting whisked away from the previous man in the previous Island County book. Sorry Anthony, Jake has moved in and I am wondering if Nick's book will even be able to knock Jake off the throne. I guess we will have to see. But seriously, Jake was super amazing and absolutely adorable. I enjoyed him so much I wouldn’t mind seeing another story starring him and Jewels. *cough, cough, hint, hint*

Because how could I not love Jewels? She is a blogger for crying out loud. Living her life in the library and between the pages of her latest read, this chick spoke to me. Well, not literally. But I got her. I understood her. And I love this gal. I loved seeing her let loose her inhibitions in a few small ways and try new things- becoming a new person while still staying grounded. Jewels was one of my most favorites to read about in the series, hands down.

Get this book. Read this series. Enjoy their stories. All these characters are so much fun; I know you will just love them as much as I do. 5 Forever In Love Stars!!

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