November 29, 2016

5*Review: AFTER THE FALL by Michele G. Miller #MustReadSeries


Author: Michele G Miller

Source: eARC from author for review


She’s this enigma.
A beautiful mess.
A brilliant mind with a sharp tongue.
Our first meeting, she stopped me in my tracks.
But she wants nothing to do with me.

He’s only a guy.
A gorgeous guy with a million dollar smile . . .
But still, a guy.
I can ignore the unfamiliar softness of his brown eyes.
I can ignore his witty comments.
He’ll lose interest.
They always do once they realize they’ll get nothing from me . . .

**Standalone story that may be read alone. It is preferred to be read as the 4th book in the series to prevent spoiling Jules and West's story (Bks 1-3) Book 1 From The Wreckage is FREE everywhere.

My take...

I have sat on this review for long enough. I have tried and tried to think of cleaver words to express how much it meant to me, but they never came me. It was one of those books I absolutely could not wait to start. And once I did, I took my time. Lots of time. (Apparently, the older you get, sleep comes matter how amazing the story is.) . It left me happy and sad and all emotional when I finished. So many emotions. So many feels.

But ya'll!! This book was so heartbreaking. I literally hurt for all the kids that have to live the way Cassie did growing up. There are some mean ol' parents out there who don’t deserve the children they were blessed with. I just wanted to reach in a hug the crap out of her and let her know not all parents act this way or treat their kids with such distaste.

Now with all that being said, I loved every ounce of the story. The romance was sweet and fun...Cassie and Austin are breathtaking together...and the suspense of the story had me biting my nails. More than usual, of course. Miller really had me holding on and left me wondering until the very moment I thought I couldn't wait a second longer. I had to know. I needed to know. What was Cassie's past? What happened to her? I got to tell you, so much was hard to read. But I was not disappointed in the plot or how the story played out.

This series has been with me for a long time. Probably one of my most favorites of all time. I definitely saw a few stories poking their noses out for Miller to write, and I am hoping she does. But if this were the end, I'd say she has done a masterful job in giving us some brilliant characters and heart wrenching storylines. There has never been a time, within this series, that I didn't feel the story. Literally feel it. From the emotions of the tornado to the bloodshed within the pages of this one. It pulls you; it overcomes you. It is a genius series. 5 Stars!!

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