December 13, 2016

Bayou Bear Chronicles by Lila Felix (Plus my 5 Star Review of BEHOLDEN)

Burden (Bayou Bear Chronicles Book 1)

In the depths of the Louisiana swamps, clans of bear shifters roam freely. Hawke Turnclaw, the Alpha over all of his kind, is drowning in the legacy left to him by the Alpha before him, his own father. When he goes on a rescue mission to save a rogue Black bear from the clutches of a Grizzly clan, he finds more than just a Black bear, he finds his mate.

Echo has always been told she's an anomaly, a fluke. She's the only bear of her kind and that makes her a hindrance to her clan. She's tried to run away, but they keep her tethered through guilt and a shock collar around her neck.

And then someone shows up claiming he's her mate.
Now belonging to a new clan, will she ever be able to understand that she's so much more than just a burden?

Hearten (Bayou Bear Chronicle Book 2)
Determined to be the best Beta he can, Rev has made sure to keep his distance from Martha, the female he knows to be his mate. He’s not sure he even knows how to be a decent mate to her.  All that changes when the Alpha and the Coeur conspire to make sure that Martha and Rev both face what they’ve known to be true for so long.

 One look is all it takes, but there is so much more to being a mated couple than facing the claim.  Martha is not ready to give up anything in her life, not even to make room for him.  Rev is ready, but only as long as his female bends her life to fit into his.  Pushing and pulling, each one will have to decide which is more important—the life they’ve built, or the one they could have together.

Engraven (Bayou Bear Chronicle Book 3)

Tarrow Rivers is determined to wait on his mate, he scents her in the swamps, can see her in the trees, but he knows she's not ready to meet him. Yet fate has other plans.

Dahlia Branch has been groomed for an independent life since birth. Clans are something she's always been warned against. She knew she would never be a part of one...until she finds Tarrow, who is not only a loyal clan member but one of their Betas.

Beholden (Bayou Bear Chronicle Book 4)
Will be released Tuesday December 13, 2016

Aspen has done the unthinkable-the unforgivable.

He was the last one she wanted.

And now he has to earn a place in her heart.

In the final installment of The Bayou Bear Chronicles, hearts are shattered, alliances are tested, and the strength of the mating bond between Acacia and Aspen is on shaky ground.
(My review for BEHOLDEN)

The moment Acacia and Aspen laid eyes on each other, they knew they were fated to one another. What should have been a wonderful experience and joyful time was anything but. Aspen was with another girl, a big no-no in their shifter clan. So now Aspen has to work overtime to earn the love and trust of his mate and convince her to continue on with their mating. But Acacia isn't sure she can get past the hurt and pain that Aspen caused that day.

If she runs like she kisses, she’s going to set the swamp on fire.

This was such a fantastic read. I loved, loved watching Aspen work his way past the person he used to be and become someone that his mate and clan can trust and respect. He showed his clan they can respect him and showed Acacia to embrace her inner bear. Something she has been putting off for some time now.

I bent down, taking my time getting to her ear. My lips brushed against her earlobe, making her shiver, before I spoke in the deepest tone I could muster. “A bear. My mate. A heart that beats with mine. My whole world.”

Sigh. Who knew Aspen could be such a romantic? Not Acacia that is for sure. But she learns soon enough, that Felix’s bears are nothing but romantics when it comes to their mates. We all know this from the previous books in this series…heck, from any of Felix’s books.

Wonderful read, fun romance, great characters. What else could a reader ask for? 5 Stars!
Lila Felix is full of antics and stories. She refused to go to Kindergarten after the teacher made her take a nap on the first day of school. She staged her first protest in middle school. She almost flunked out of her first semester at Pepperdine University because she was enthralled with their library and frequently was locked in.

 Now her husband and three children have to put up with her rebel nature in Louisiana where her days are filled with cypress trees, crawfish, and of course, her books and writing. She writes about the ordinary people who fall extraordinarily in wild, true love. 

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