January 24, 2017

5*ARC Review: IMPERFECT HARMONY by Raine Thomas #ComingSoon


Author: Raine Thomas

Source: eARC from author for review

Est Release Date: 1/31/17



A rock band. A reality show. The opportunity of a lifetime.

As the front man for The Void, lead singer Dane Archer has yet to achieve the success he craves. He hopes that will change when he’s approached about filming a reality show called House of Archer. All he and the band have to do is get some juicy footage while on their upcoming tour.

The problem? Archer’s life is a snoozefest. His parents are happily married, he’s never done drugs or gotten arrested, and he doesn’t get into fights with his band mates. He knows the show will fizzle and die before it ever hits the air, taking his dreams of worldwide fame along with it.


If Archer can convince his best friend Lily to be on the show, he’s sure they’ll get all the compelling footage they need. Her life is filled with drama. Hell, she’s practically a reality show in her own right.

Archer’s willing to do whatever it takes to get Lily on board, even if it means charming her into being more than just friends. But when he finds himself falling for her, his seemingly simple plan gets complicated. Soon the line between reality and Reality TV begins to blur, leaving him wondering if achieving his dreams is worth all it might cost him.

My take...

Here I was, minding my own business on Instagram, when this beauty of a cover floated across my feed. When I see who the author was, I was intrigued to know more about it. So I tracked Thomas down on facebook and saw what this amazing book was about. I wanted this book. I needed this book. I knew I would love this book.

And I did.

Thomas sent me an advanced copy and I casually told her it would probably be a little bit before I could get to it. But I just wanted to sneak a peek at the first chapter. Then before I knew it, I was  8 chapters in on the first night. Well, I was too far in to turn back now. So finished it I did. And loved it. Man, did I love it.

Here is the deal. Archer and Lily have been friends from the moment he struck out on his own in the music world. 8 years later he invites her on the road with him during his summer tour and the filming of his new reality show. What neither one was expecting was the feelings that followed them as the tour began.

I absolutely loved the romance. I loved the chemistry between Archer and Lily, even when it was just a friendship. You could tell that they both adored one another in so many ways and on so many levels. But as the relationship turned to stronger, more intimate feelings, you could tell that this is what should have been happening all along for them. A fantastic, beautiful duo.

I enjoyed the story and the ups and downs of the tour and show. I enjoyed how the author put the reader right into it all and it came off real and convincing. At least it did for me; I felt it. The story came to life and kept my attention. Again, this had a lot to do with the 2 main characters. Their story held me captive.

Wonderful read. Ingenious storyline. Fascinating characters. Intriguing romance. IMPERECT HARMONY delivered it all. 5 Music To My Ears Stars!

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review Imperfect Harmony! :)