January 25, 2017

Who Would I Invite To My Fantasy Author Panel?

I was approached by Eventbrite (who I have used on several occasions when purchasing tickets to attend some amazing bookish events) on what my fantasy Author panel would look like. Who would I invite to this completely made up-in my head- panel? What would I ask if I could if given the chance?

Now, I have always loved reading. Even when I took a few years off I still gravitated towards the book section of any store. For me it all started in Jr High. I went on a Danielle Steel binge. I probably read every book of hers that was out at the time. Well, except Zoya. That was the one book I couldn’t get into. But I loved that lady and her books were so very romantic and so very amazing. And the movies were awesome as well.

Then came Nicholas Sparks around the time I had graduated. His books and movies would break me into tiny bite size pieces. Crushed and crushed some more. But I allowed his torture because he wrote in a way that I couldn’t get enough. He dished out the romance, but had no problem killing a beloved character off if he thought that was what the story needed. Mad kudos, dude. 

Then I started having kids. That is where the reading hiatus comes into play. It lasted a few years. I remember thinking how cute I was for bringing a book along to my 2nd daughter’s birth. As if I would get any reading done. Geez. What was I thinking? But then this little book was published and made into a movie. You may have heard about it? Twilight? Even though I was late to the party, I devoured the books…multiple times. *Sigh* So much goodness to come from a book: the friends, the conventions, the feels! After that, I read anything and everything that was out on the market. YA. Adult. Werewolves. Fae. It didn’t matter. I read it. And I loved it all. 

During this time I was introduced to Charlaine Harris and her Sookie series. It was good. I read most of the series except maybe the last one or 2. But it was her Harper Connelly series that got it's hooks into me. That was and is one of my most favorite series to this day. And it all started at a little used book store in Memphis where I found a tattered old copy of GRAVE SIGHT. Turns out my uncle on my husband’s side is friends with her. So one night he met her for dinner when she was still in Arkansas and got a pic of them together for me and a signed Sookie book. Both are prized possessions of mine.

So, you are probably wondering when I will get to my fantasy panel. I am getting there. There was a reason I gave my back story. These few authors are the ones I would love to meet. Even though I read nothing but Indie/Self Pub authors (and I have already seen a few of their panels), these are the guy and gals that really started it for me.

I would love to know what they do for their free time when not writing. What tv shows to they watch. What their pets names are. What they order when they head out to eat at their favorite place to eat. Simple stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with writing. For me, as a reader, I feel like I know them a little better and get a different angle of where they are coming from.

So, hopefully I haven’t bored you to tears and you actually stuck around to finish this post. It was fun to do and maybe I will do another in the future on a different subject. Even if no one reads it, it felt good to type out the words and get some thoughts out there. Do you have a fantasy panel? Who would you have? 

Also, if you have a bookish event coming up, Eventbrite would love to help you out! Check out their PAGE for more info on planning your own event!

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