April 6, 2017

Review: WINNING OVER THE COWBOY by Shannon Taylor Vannatter

Title: Winning Over The Cowboy 

Author: Shannon Taylor Vannatter 

Source: bought paperback


The Rancher Stakes His Claim

When she inherits half a dude ranch after losing her best friend, Landry Malone is determined to see Eden's legacy flourish. That is if her friend's broad-shouldered cowboy brother will give her the chance. Chase Donovan isn't happy that his sister left their family business to an outsider--and he's determined to test Landry's mettle, hoping she'll give up her claim. Soon Chase is impressed by Landry's ability to rise to every challenge he puts in her way--and worried that his attraction to the perky spitfire seems to know no end. Finally working together to ensure the ranch's future, will their business partnership be the foundation for something more?

My quick take…

Bound and determined, Chase tries his best to run his newest partner, Landry Malone, far and away from his family’s dude ranch. This is his family’s legacy and there is no room for gold diggers. Landry, given the chance of a lifetime, thanks to the last wishes of her best friend, does what she has to do to prove that she is worthy of her friend’s precious gift. Thrown into this together, Landry and Chase must work through their personal feelings to see that the ranch doesn’t fail. And somewhere along the way feelings for one another grow. But is it real for either or all just a sham?

I found WINNING OVER THE COWBOY to be such an enjoyable and delightful read. The plot of the story was wonderful and it called to me whenever I wasn’t reading. I have said this before and I will say it again, that alone makes it a wonderful book. You get so caught up in the story and the characters; you just want to run back to them at any given chance. What I loved most about the characters, is both Landry and Chase’s love for their family, friends, and of course the Lord. It is absolutely refreshing to find a story nowadays that openly talks about God. And of course if you throw a cowboy in there, what is not to love? 4 Stars!

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