July 28, 2017

5*Review: THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN US by Rachel Higginson


Author: Rachel Higginson

Source: eARC from author for review


I'm cursed.

At least when it comes to finding Mr. Right.

I'm tired of men that only want one night stands or blind dates that are nothing but awkward and uncomfortable. I'm tired of avoiding inappropriate text messages and the constant disappointment of always meeting Mr. Wrong.

After all these years of dates that lead nowhere, I can admit that it's me. I'm the problem. I'm shy and picky and cursed. Definitely cursed.

So I've decided two things.

The first? I'm giving up dating and relationships and men in general. Maybe, possibly, forever.

The second? I'm going to have to try harder to avoid Ezra Baptiste.

If I couldn't hack it in the kiddy pool of dating, I certainly can't swim in his deep end. He's too successful. Too intense. He's all man when I'm used to nothing but boys pretending to be grownups. He's everything I'm afraid to want and so far out of my league we might as well be different species entirely.

So he'll need to find a different artist to paint his mural. And a different graphic designer to help him with his website. He'll need to find someone else to glare at and flirt with and kiss.

It can't be me.

We're too different.

My take...

Ezra Baptiste was one of the most intolerable men I had ever met. Arrogant, condescending, offensively good looking, he had all the qualities of a human I tried to avoid. Not only that, he'd once attacked my professional taste and that was something I would never forgive him for.

When I read THE OPPOSITE OF YOU and was introduced to Ezra, there was something hard and untouchable about him. For the life of me, I couldn't begin to understand where he was coming from and it made it hard for me to care for him. Because not only did he terrify Molly in the story, he terrified me as well. But as we thread slowly into this amazing, glorious book, bits and pieces of Ezra's hard exterior was starting to chip away. I finally got to see him in a different light. He still hung on to his all-consuming presence that we saw from the start, but it was now being shown in such a way you just had to smile when he was around.

And sweet, precious Molly has such a beautiful soul. No matter what she was facing or the struggles she was carrying, she still sought out the good and tried to remain optimistic. Her attributes in the first book made it easy to love her and my love for only grew in this one.

"I tried to save you from this, Molly." Ezra's voice was gentle, roughened. "I'm tired of failing."
Before I could ask any questions, his lips were on mine. His touch jolted through me, surprising me with the feel of this mouth, the press of his body, the realization that Ezra Baptiste was kissing me. 

I was absolutely consumed with this book and its characters and just about everything about it. There were some days I couldn't read at night and I would have serious withdrawals. I hated knowing some pretty amazing things were going on between the pages of this incredible book and I was missing out on it. Higginson really did just a fabulous job on the story as usual. Her writing always pulls me in no matter the book and I am just in awe of the product she creates.

Once again, Higginson, you blew me away. Your words captivated me from the start and I didn't want it to end. You had me infatuated with all things Ezra. And then to get introduced to another story in the end that will be gracing this series? Whoa!! My mind is racing with what can and will materialize. And I have to say...the need to read it is strong. Give me, give me, give me!! 5 Stars.

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