August 28, 2017

5*Review: THE GIRL WHO KISSED THE SUN by Angel Lawson

(book 4)

Author: Angel Lawson

Source: Kindle Unlimited



That's what Cole said as he crumbled to the ground.

Everything changes when Alexandra escapes the coup at PharmaCorp. She must adjust to the fact Jane is no longer the villain. She's just an inept survivor traveling North toward safety with a group of hand-selected Fighters to help her get there.

As they push into the unknown Death Fields in the Midwest they must fight Eaters, harsh winter weather and the dregs of humanity.

Alex also must deal with the fact she may never see Wyatt again and that she left Cole for dead.

One thing that Alex has learned is that in the apocalypse, can she trust that anyone is ever really gone?

My take…
My heart breaks right there, crackling under the pressure of this shitty life where we fight for every second. The calm of the last three months means nothing if the instant you walk out the door you have to choose between surviving and being with the one you love.
I’m sick of this war, the Eaters, and the never-ending struggle to live.

When I finished THE GIRL WHO KICKED A** I had my heart in my throat with worry and what all conspired with Cole. Then add Alex on the run from Chloe and her hybrids, with Jane who quite possibly may be the worst person ever to face the zombie apocalypse. Even if she was the one that created these things. Life is not looking good for them.

But here I am writing a review for book 4 of a 6 book series. And here you are reading it. At least I hope you are. I hate writing book reviews for a book this far in. I am always in fear that it will spoil it for others who haven’t gotten this far yet. Not to mention, if you have made it this far into the story, you obviously are wanting to continue. I know I am. It is a fantastic series. In fact, as soon as I am done with my review, I am all over the next book. This series is a straight up addiction for me.

A bit of a surprise in this book was Wyatt’s POV. I worried about him when him and Alex parted ways. I worried we may have seen the last of him. Thankfully that wasn’t so. It was great seeing how he was faring since we last heard from him in THE GIRL WHO KICKED A**. Even if life isn’t so great for him, at least we know he was still around, alive, and kicking.

If there is one thing I have learned in this life, it is to bask in the sun while I can. Darkness and all the bad stuff that comes with it is never far away.

Lawson has done such an amazing job with this series so far and I have every right to believe it will continue to get even better with the last two books. Even if we end THE GIRL WHO KISSED THE SUN on such a harrowing predicament. With every twist of the plot and each turn of the page I become more and more enchanted with the story. It really is a great series and this book only added to it’s greatness. Another 5 Stars!

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