August 30, 2017

5*Review:THE GIRL WHO SAVED THE WORLD by Angel Lawson

Title: The Girl Who Saved The World (book 6 of 6)

Author: Angel Lawson

Source: Kindle Unlimited


In an epic showdown Alexandra defeated the leader of the Hybrid Army. In the process she lost her strongest ally and discovered a larger obstacle to peace in the future.

Under the rule of a new leader Alex and Wyatt learn more about the start of The Crisis, the real reason for the ETR-Virus and the plans those in charge have for the future.

The hunters become the hunted and in the end, not everyone will survive.

Read the final installment of The Death Fields Series!

My take…

“I’ve learned the hard way that even when I’ve been desperate it’s not a good idea to make a deal with the devil.” I study each person on the council. “It’s hard to know who to trust out here and you don’t know us at all but we’re the deal. We know what we’re talking about.”
This amazing series has won my heart. I will forever be comparing future zombie reads to this one. It has the bar raised high, so they will definitely have some work to do before I would consider them good or not. I am going to miss Alex and Wyatt so very much. My heart is just so heavy that it is all over and done with. Or is it? Hmmm….

I was hoping at the end of the last book that they would have it easy from here on out. But that wasn’t the case. Alex, Wyatt and their friends that survived the last battle will be in for yet another fight for their lives. What’s new right? There does seem to be of more of an urgency this time around though. Seriously, how much more can a person take? My head was spinning and I was so caught up in the story and everything that goes down. Deceit, love, rebellion...this book covered it all.

I’m not sure what else there is left to say at this point. Here we are are 6 books into a 6 book series. We are finished and done. So what’s left to say that I haven’t already said? I do know I have loved every second of this wonderful journey and hope like heck that Lawson does continue on with a spin off. I need more of this beautiful and decaying world. I want to see certain people’s stories get told. I want to see the world built back up from the ashes of the Eaters, Hybrids, and the evil humans who only wanted to rule. And most of all, I want to see the future that Alex and her friends fought so hard for.

One word I have said over and over in my reviews for this series is amazing. And each book has been just that. Amazing. I am so very happy I read this series and loved the uniqueness of each book. They each offered something that was special and had me feeling emotions I haven’t felt in a long time with a book. Lawson, I adore your work and look forward to anything else you dream up. 5 Amazing Stars!

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