August 9, 2017

Coming Soon: MR. PRESCOTT by Carlos Dash {Interview/Giveaway}

Mr. Prescott
Carlos Dash
Publication date: August 20th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Romance

I’m the Mayor of London.
I’ve come to New York purely on business. The usual boring meetings with other politicians.
I don’t expect my time here to be exciting in the slightest.
But who’s that woman I met this morning? No, girl. That would be a more accurate term for her.
She’s only twenty-one years old. A college student. Someone who shouldn’t get mixed up with a guy like me.
But I can’t get her out of my mind. Every single time I close my eyes, I see her face.
How can someone I just met do this to me? That’s the kind of stuff that happens in movies. Not real life.
I know this will be a dangerous risk for me, but I can’t help it. I want her. I need her.
And whatever it may do to my career, I won’t stop until I have her.
Mr. Prescott is a standalone New Adult Romance novel told entirely from the point of view of the male lead.

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1- What would you be doing right now if you were not an author? 

 I can’t imagine pursuing any other career. Writing is my passion. And being a storyteller is what I think I was born to do.

 2- 5 years ago: what were you doing?
Five years ago I was getting ready to start college. I got my degree to make my mother happy, but I already knew back then what I wanted to do for a living. And here we are, five years later.
3- Do you have a certain writing ritual? 
 Eat breakfast. Take a shower. And then start writing. I like to do all of my writing for the day before it starts to get dark.  I just have more energy during the day.
4- What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? 
 As the male half of a writing duo that writes under the pen name “Carlos Dash,” the harshest criticism I’ve received came from people who told me that men shouldn’t be writing love stories. I, thankfully, ignored their words.
5- Ever fangirled over another author? Who was it? 
 J.K Rowling once replied to me on my personal twitter account. That was quite an interesting day, to say the least. In case anyone is curious about what she said, she was responding to a question I had about the Fantastic Beasts movie.
 6- Is there an author you'd like to meet? 
Several. J.K Rowling. Alexa Riley. Penny Wylder. Nicholas Sparks. To name a few.
 7- Biggest writing pet peeve?
As a writer of New Adult romance novels, I hate it when writers make the male lead a jerk who constantly treats the female lead poorly. You can have him be emotionally detached. You can have him be scared of his feelings the way the male lead in my book, Mr. Prescott, is. But don’t have him be a total bastard.
 8- Do you read other's reviews of your books? 
Well, this is my first full novel, so I’ll have to wait and see if I can resist the temptation to read reviews. Fingers crossed.
 9- Fav Color:
 10- Fictional Character you'd like to spend the day with:
 Wonder Woman. Because she’s badass.
 11- Fav food:
Hmm. This is a hard one. I’ll go with a simple choice. Pizza.
 12- Fav song and/or singer: 
 Despite being born well after his glory days, I love listening to Elvis. A more modern favorite is Adele, who is just amazing. My favorite of her songs, I have to admit, is the the theme from Skyfall.
 13- Guilty pleasure: 
Spending hours of my free time looking for new music that I can add to my iPod.

I’m a guy who likes to cut right to the chase, so here we go: I’m a male author of Romance/Erotica novels that are told entirely from the POV of the male protagonist. If you enjoy happy endings and steamy tales about people falling in love quickly, my stories are for you.


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