August 8, 2017

RIGHT TEXT, WRONG NUMBER by Natalie Decker {Excerpt/Giveaway}

 Right Text Wrong Number 
by Natalie Decker 

(Offsides, #1) 

Published by: Swoon Romance
Publication date: July 11th 2017
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, 
Young Adult

High school juniors, Layla and Tyler, are complete opposites. Sure she’s a cheerleader and he’s a football player, but she thinks he’s the biggest jerk in the school and he thinks she is too high on her horse to even be worth of a second glance from him. And when the two of them are near one another, sparks fly in all the wrong directions. They are NOT interested in speaking to one another, let alone date.
But when Layla unknowingly sends Tyler a smack-down text meant for the girl sending naked photos to her then-boyfriend, Adam, Tyler has no idea it’s Layla and decides to play along. After all, Tyler cannot resist messing with the pissed off girl firing off texts about junk pictures, cheating, and girl code.
As the fallout from Adam’s sexting scandal plays out in front of the entire school, Tyler and Layla secretly continue to text one another using fake names. But as days and weeks pass, things take a turn for the serious between them, and suddenly, their texts mean more. They both begin to consider revealing their true identity to the other and taking the relationship from texts to dates, then kissing and maybe more.
They say there’s a thin line between love and hate. Can reality live up to the fantasy, or will Layla and Tyler be forever offsides?

“Why are you going to be in trouble? Juliet didn’t take out the trash.” Adam complains.
                “No. It’s my job. She’s been covering for me. She has every right to be mad at me.”
                Adam scowls. He’s not even looking at me. He’s staring at his phone and texting someone. “Well, at least you’ll be at Mitch’s after practice.”
                “Most likely I’ll be grounded.”
                I slap my locker closed, and we head to first period. After, we have lunch and sixth period together. I watch him stare idly at his phone while we walk to class. He occasionally pushes his strawberry blond hair out of his eyes. Yes, those Prince Harry types gets me every time. It also helps that he has a small spatter of freckles just across his nose and shoulders. Oh, and he has honey-brown eyes and thick lashes. And wow, does football pay off, because my boyfriend has muscles like you wouldn’t believe.
                “Who are you texting?” I ask.
                He doesn’t answer, just laughs as soon as an audible ping comes from his cell. I wait impatiently for his answer but he just keeps typing away.
                We’re almost to class and he says, “What did you say?”
                “I asked who you were texting?”
                He nods, but I’m certain he hasn’t heard a word I said. He continues to text. I swear sometimes I want to break his stupid phone. I’m not a cray-cray girlfriend though. That’s the kind of thing those types do. But seriously, I’m having a freaking conversation with him, and he doesn’t seem like he can be bothered. Why do I even try anymore?
                We arrive to First Period just before the tardy bell rings. Ms. Batistel would have a fit if I were late again. She’s the head of the junior Elites club; the only club Juliet and I both belong to. My mom thought it would look good on our college applications. Juliet was, of course, all for that. Me on the other hand, I’m not considering getting into Yale or Harvard. I’ll be happy if I can get into Coastal Carolina University.
                “Miss Valentine. Mr. Kent. So, glad you two could join us in a timely manner. Mr. Kent, put the cell away, or consider it mine for the rest of the day.”
                Adam shoves his phone into the front zipper pocket of his backpack. Seconds later it’s buzzing. Texting his buddies my ass.
Natalie Decker is the author of RIVAL LOVE series and the Scandalous Boys series. She loves oceans, sunsets, sand between her toes, and carefree days. Her imagination is always going, which some find odd. But she believes in seeing the world in a different light at all times. Her first passion for writing started at age twelve when she had to write a poem for English class. However, seventh grade wasn't her favorite time and books were her source of comfort. She took all college prep classes in High school, and attended the University of Akron. Although she studied Mathematics she never lost her passion for writing or her comfort in books. She's a mean cook in the kitchen, loves her family and friends and her awesome dog infinity times infinity. If she's not writing, reading, traveling, hanging out with her family and friends, then she's off having an adventure. Because Natalie believes in a saying: Your life is your own journey, so make it amazing!

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