October 18, 2017

5*Review: THE RIGHT KIND OF WRONG by Daniele Lanzarotta


Author: Daniele Lanzarotta

Source: eARC from author for review


Owen Crawford is the ultimate playboy – wealthy, handsome, and charismatic. Yet, things are far from perfect. The successful club owner lives with the constant reminder of his dark past. Struggling to accept who he has become, he pushes everyone away by deflecting relationships that would be more than a one-night stand.

And then, there is Emily…

The naïve second year psychology student, who is in a troubling relationship, becomes intrigued by Owen and feels an overwhelming desire to ‘fix him’. As she gets closer to Owen, she discovers family secrets and lies that pull her deeper and deeper into his world.

Will Emily succeed in helping Owen, or will she become his next conquest?

My take...

One of the things I took away from INSATIABLE was my love for Owen. Even being the jerk that he was, I still adored him even though he probably wasn’t the best of characters. So I definitely wanted to read his book and get to know him a little better. But after starting, I often wondered if getting to know him-know him was a smart thing to do. Because Owen, is a straight up manwhore-jerkface. 

Yeah, like seriously. He is. Yet, I still loved him. Sure he is upfront about his diabolical dating ways and his inability to be with just one person. And yeah his past is full of hurt and pain. I know his father is the epitome of evil. And who in their right mind would want to welcome a relationship into this kind of messed up world? But all it takes is one incredibly naive girl to come barreling into his life, toss around some crazy notions that she can change him, and end up flipping his world off it’s axis. Who is this girl? What is she slowly doing to him? 

I adored this story so much that once I got to reading I didn’t want to put it down. It was full of twists I didn’t see coming, even more turns that threw me for a loop, and some parts that had me hating the characters one second, only to love them again the next. They drove me mad!! But it was well worth the emotional turmoil to see this book to the end. So, after all of that and knowing what I now know about Owen, I can honestly say….I absolutely love him even more than before! His story is such a great one. 5 Stars!

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