February 21, 2018

5* Review: PERIPETEIA by Sarah Lyons Fleming

Title: Peripeteia

Author: Sarah Lyons Fleming

Source: KU


From the universe of the Until the End of the World series
Book two of The City Series is here!
(Note: The City Series can be read before or after the Until the End of the World series)

Months into the apocalypse, the zombies show no signs of dying, but it’s clear everyone in Sunset Park will die without enough food to outlast the undead. Add in the less-than-sociable new neighbors only blocks away, and the hunt for sustenance has come to feel more like a race than a ramble.

Sylvie is happy in her new home with the people who’ve become like family, though she’s still working out how to let them into her heart. Eric wants in, and he wants to find his sister, but he can’t do both at the same time. If he can do the second one at all—getting into the city was hard enough, getting out may prove impossible.

Despite setbacks—and a couple million zombies—it seems fortune is working in their favor. After all, food, security, and family are extraordinary when just being alive is a notable accomplishment. But fortune can turn on a dime, and all it takes is one misstep.

My take…

When the world has become a place where dying for potato chips is a reasonable endeavor, you can be sure something’s gone amiss. That’s if the blackened buildings, the deaths of billions of people, and the bodies shuffling along the sidewalks of New York haven’t already clued you in.

Everything in Sylvie’s life is new...her family, this new world, her feelings. And sometimes, for a girl like her, new can be overwhelming. But there is one person that makes everything seem possible. Eric. No matter what is happening around her, whether it be the zombies wanting to munch on her face or the uncertain future they all face, Eric brings her back down to earth and clears her head. Love this about him and them as a couple is ooey gooey sweetness!

I am trying to figure out if I like the idea of Sylvie and her family living in the city compared to Cassie and her family living all over the US. To me, it seems that Sylvie and company may have it a smidge better. They have their place that seems well guarded, thousands of empty homes they can scourer through, and it feels they are able to relax and not in constant fear. At least not as much as Cassie and crew was able to.

Another greatness about this series is the secondary characters. It’s not only this series by Fleming, but her other one as well. I wholeheartedly love hearing about them and caring if they lived or died. I loved them so very much. Sylvie's relationship with Paul is one of the best. Especially knowing how awful it all was when they started out. It has grown and evolved into such a wonderful thing.

Fleming is one of my all time favorite authors that I just happened to stumble upon recently and I look forward to reading more of this series. Just not looking forward to the series ending. Maybe she will do a spin off of a spin off and keep it going forever and ever. This gal can hope, right? 5 Stars!

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