February 15, 2018

5 Star Review: JUSTICE by Ever Coming & Lila Grey


Authors: Ever Coming & Lila Grey

Source: KU


Milla is back in town. The thorn in the side of Justice has sprung back from his childhood and lives in Tansy’s old house—too close, too far away.

He bets she doesn’t even remember how she ruined his life or how her presence needled his gator, taunting the beast to eat her alive or take her as his mate.

Milla doesn’t realize the power inside her. Her gator refuses to shift. Around Justice, her animal claws at Milla, wanting to be free. And she knows Justice is her mate—maybe she always has.

Forgiveness doesn’t come easy for Justice. But no one said taking a mate was easy.

My take…

Maybe you could go home again even if the stupid song filled your brains with how it never worked out. Goddess, I hoped so.

When I first finished ETIENNE I couldn’t wait to meet Milla. With what little we were given at the end, my interest was peaked. And when I read the first chapter of JUSTICE, I knew I would enjoy her return to the bayou even more. Justice still holds a grudge and her return wasn’t going to come easy.

This was definitely a quick read you won’t want to put down. One that you could easily finish in a few short hours. I would have finished it yesterday had my motherly duties not surfaced. Silly kids and their need for food for survival.

Once I started I was reminded of how much I loved these guys. Always up to no good and in desperate need of a woman to tame their animal within. This time it was Justice who gets saved, though he tries like hell to stay clear of Milla. Will he allow his gator to get close to his possible future mate? Or will he let a nearly two decade old grudge get in the way of love?

Foul mouthed characters that are incredibly easy to love, a delicious story line that mixes up the fun and yum, and a fascinating turn of events at the end. JUSTICE is a must read. Looking forward to more books in this series and more time spent in the bayou.

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