March 15, 2018

5*Review: THE LAST HOUR by Tara Brown

Title: The Last Hour

Author: Tara Brown

Source: KU


From the trees, I can smell them—smell their fear.
They’re scared, scurrying like animals.
They look different now.
Clothes are ripped.
Hair is dirty.
It’s not them I’m watching for.
They don’t know it, but I’m watching over them.
They move silently, not making noise.
It’s a different world.
Everything is quiet.
The prey moves differently here.
The others listen—always listening.

Silence is still survival.

But what are we all surviving for?

My take…

It’s time for a new world, a better one.
This one has become worn out. It’s used and battered. Something we broke.
We can’t put it back together, not the way it was.
And us leftovers, the ones still surviving, are in the worse shape.
We’re different now.
We are all different.
Some of us are different in good ways and others bad.
Some of us got weaker while others thrived.

When I first started off with THE LAST HOUR I was a bit confused. Here we have a new POV from a new character. I wasn’t entirely sold on this guy and even a few pages in I contemplated moving on to another book. So glad I didn’t. Because things got good and I was hooked.

Liam is great character that takes some warming up to. Sure he is crazy, no seriously...he is crazy. We start off with him in a mental institute. But for half the book we see how he copes when the end comes and his transition into the new world is welcomed. He is definitely one of the ones that thrives. It is what he does with this newness that will determine if it is for good or bad.

Lou doesn’t get left out in this one. Not at all. She just has to give a little leeway to Liam so their stories can merge. I really had mixed feelings for their relationship or whatever you want to call it. It starts on rocky ground and practically stays there. But I could kind of see where Liam was coming from at times. It’s just a big mess for their kind. I had hopes that maybe they would be able to work together in the end. And maybe, just maybe, they can.

One hot mess of an ending where everyone is concerned, but I am so excited to see what happens next. I am not sure when the next one comes out, but I will be getting it as soon as it does. 5 Stars!

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