April 28, 2018

5*Review: A LITTLE SECRET ABOUT LOVE by Karice Bolton


Author: Karice Bolton

Source: KU


Dina Romano loves making other people’s dreams come true, especially when it comes to creating wedding dresses! But that is as close as she wants to get to love. After all, she has already been stood up at the altar more times than she cares to admit.

She wants to leave old loves behind and completely start over. When she moves to the small town of Silver Ridge, she sets up some new rules for herself since the old ones obviously hadn’t worked.

First rule: Try a one-night stand.

What she doesn’t expect is to fall for her best friend’s brother-in-law and make him her first mark. The problem is that after trying out the first rule, she never gets to the second rule, which is don’t fall for the target.

Sam North has had a bad habit of changing women with the seasons, but the moment Sam laid eyes on Dina Romano his world went into slow motion. All the things he thought he needed in life suddenly seemed unimportant. However, his reputation has preceded him, and Dina’s made it clear. Her first night with him will be her last.

What Sam doesn’t know is that she’s keeping a secret from him that will change everything.

My take…

It was only a simple kiss on the cheek, but feeling his whiskers up against her skin, and smelling the fresh, clean scent of Sam made her mind go immediately to places it shouldn’t. She had a business to run, another failed engagement to forget, and a new town to settle into.
She certainly didn’t need the complication of Sam.

After just finishing a post apocalyptic read, I was in need of some amazing romance in the here and now. And I can always count on a fabulous read when it comes to Bolton. She delivers the romance, a well thought out story, and the fun! Yes, her books are always so much fun.

And as always her characters are fun as well. Dina is a hoot and absolutely adorable. But she has also been burned one too many times and left at the altar just as much. Sam is certified flirt and a definite player up at the Silver Ridge Resort his family owns. But all that changes when Dina comes into his life. And after an incredible night together their worlds are about to be changed forever. Can Dina work through her own past and see past Sam’s before it is too late? Only time will tell.

A LITTLE SECRET ABOUT LOVE was full of charm, sweetness, and heart. So much heart!! I smiled the whole way through this book and stayed up late (late) into the night to finish it. Cannot wait to see what A FUNNY THING ABOUT LOVE brings with Emilia’s story. One thing is for sure...the romance will be in perfect Bolton style and very swoony!! 5 Stars!

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