April 25, 2018

Review: I HOPE YOU FIND ME by Trish Marie Dawson

Title: I Hope You Find Me

Author: Trish Marie Dawson

Source: Free on Amazon


Life for Riley ends when her young children die in her arms…victims of a global viral outbreak that claims the lives of everyone she’s ever known. Left to fend for herself with only a dog as her companion, she sets out on a journey to find others, leaving notes everywhere she goes…hoping that one day someone will come looking for her. When Riley meets the handsome yet mysterious Connor on the streets of Downtown San Diego, they form a bond unlike either has experienced before. When the things that go bump in the night turn out to be more than nightmares, the trio sets off for the mountains in search of an isolated resort where they can hunker down, away from the ominous shadows of the dead city streets. The peace and tranquility of the woods isn’t enough to keep the darkness away for long though and soon Riley and Connor are forced to accept that the World and the few people left alive in it will never be the same. The shadows of their past may haunt them forever…threatening to destroy what little dreams they have left of a future unless they fight to stay in the light and never lose their hope. 

Family and Friends: The dog and I have left to find my Mom. Most of you know where her place is, the corner of 9th and F. I’ll leave a note there before I move on. Everyone here is…gone. I can’t stay. I’m not sure when or if I will come back here but leave a message anyway. 
I hope you find me. – Riley 

My take...

I rated this book 4.5 stars but always round up to the next highest star when leaving reviews on sites such as Goodreads and Amazon.

The silence of the city was overwhelming; a place that was once in a constant state of activity was completely devoid of sound and movement. Even the dog felt a heavy weight coming off the dead buildings. Loft windows watched us with sad, glassy eyes as we hurried down the empty sidewalks toward the epicenter of San Diego, which kept out pace quick, and my heart rate faster. 

I was in need of another zombie/post apoc read and stumbled across this one. Either on FB or IG. Not sure which. I am trying to stick to series in KU so in case I like them I don't have to pay more, but this one seemed interesting and it was Free. So I gave it a go. 

It was definitely intriguing. I know some people shared this spoiler already, but I hate giving them away unless absolutely necessary. So read at your own discretionThe zombie ghosts they encountered had me buzzing within, wanting to know the hows and why. What are they? Why are they here? In the end, we don’t get our answers but I believe we will soon. Hopefully in the next book. But they did set this book apart from others in it's genre. 

A couple things that bothered me was around 70% when I started seeing several grammar errors. It was if the author gave up on editing towards the end. Also the characters had it made a little too easy for the end of the world: electricity, running water, food. But I guess when pretty much 99% of the world's population has died, food should be easy to obtain. And this is a fictional story so I can let the electricity and water thing slide. I mean there really are generators and solar panels in our world. So, again, not too far fetched and enough to let slide.

I did enjoy the romance. That is a must for me when reading books. Only thing is I hated that everyone seemed to be in love with Riley. I just didn’t understand that. To each their own. I really liked her character and she is practically one of the last females on earth. So there’s that. 

All in all the book kept me entertained, happy in the romance department, and had me flying through the pages. I finished it quickly and under a day. Something I don’t get to do very often these days. I look forward to continuing on with the series sooner rather than later, only if I can talk myself into buying the rest of the series. 4.5 stars!

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