May 5, 2018

4.5 Star Review: BORN TO FIGHT by Tara Brown


Author: Tara Brown

Source: KU


When Emma wakes strapped to a cold metal table she has only one name on her lips, "Marshall!" What she doesn't expect is discovering that he is only one of the disturbing people in her small world who deserves to die in a fiery death.

Twenty years ago scientists made some remarkable discoveries with genetics and the ability to perfect the babies we gave birth to.

Ten years ago the governments of the world made a hard choice, earth or people.

Nine weeks ago the choices they made came full circle.

Fourteen days ago the truth of their mutations leaked out into the borderlands and other areas.

Yesterday the worst thing they ever made learned about what she was.

Today she's coming for them and she knows about the strengths they gave her.

Tomorrow she plans on destroying everything.

She plans on starting with her her own creator. Her own father.

My take…

Through the flashes of light from the hallway, I see something I never expected. Jesus is gazing down on me with huge wide-open arms. He’s smiling and telling me everything is going to be okay. I drag myself into the room and kick the door shut. As the door closes, the light leaves us. Me and Jesus, perfect strangers, sit alone in the dark. I don’t introduce myself. He will know me soon enough.

Here I am late to the BORN series party and I just can't get enough. But bear with me as I speak my piece. I was a nervous wreck when I finished BORN. I was perplexed as to why Marshall would do such a thing. What was his deal? What is he trying to accomplish? What happened to Emma? So I hurriedly picked up BORN TO FIGHT and got lost in the the goodness that it is.

I have loved these characters so very much since the moment I started this series. And their misfit group has grown a bit more over these last two books. Even though I enjoy Emma’s character, she has her moments where I want to shake the ever loving crap out of her and just say, “Shut up, sit down, and freaking listen to your friends for once.” She can be hard to love at times, but even harder to hate. And for’s the post apocalypse! You are going to be hard pressed to find a guy that is a total package.

I still adore Will. Probably even more so in this book. And I will probably catch a lot of flack for those feelings. But it would take a lot to convince me that he doesn’t have true feelings for Emma. I look forward to see how this series ends and if he gets his girl and a happily ever after.

I did notice some errors, but not enough to upset the balance of the book and my feelings for it. One of the problems I did have was one of the many times Emma went off on Will for his “past relations” with Star. It drove me batty thinking that we may have finally gotten past it, only to have to endure another tantrum. Like I said...apocalypse/no total package guys/insert eye roll here.

I rated this book 4.5 Stars but always round to the next whole star when leaving reviews on sites such as Amazon, Goodreads, ets….

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