July 27, 2018

5*Review: LOSS IN A MAJOR by Mindy Michele #NowLive



  The co-writing duo of Mindy Michele brings you the much anticipated conclusion of Ridley and Reagan’s story. A tale of music, forgiveness, and second chances. In each other they found a connection stronger than they could have imagined, but one night of devastation alters everyone they love. Sometimes we have to walk away. Sometimes we have to trust, and occasionally our biggest regrets carry us back for redemption. This is the second story in the Backroads Duet. Their beginning, Love in C Minor, is available now.    


Haven't read book one, Love in C Minor? Grab it HERE!

I’ve done everything I can to keep my thoughts from straying to the past, to him. Have I warped the memories over the years? Was it not as powerful and rare as I remember it being? 
The only thing I don’t look at fondly is the end. 

Here is the thing, there is so much I want to say. So much. But it would bring about all the spoils and in the book world that is devastating to not only the author who wants to keep their secrets under wraps until the book is read, but for the reader as well. And I would love for you to experience the same emotions that accosted me with all the revelations this story spoke. Some emotions were downright hurtful, some took tiny jabs at my heart, and some brought smiles to my weary face. Such an exceptional, well written story. But with these two authors, I don't expect anything less. 

Something I will say about this story, if you read LOVE IN C MINOR, there has to be little to no doubt you will be reading LOSS IN A MAJOR. It is a given. Maybe you came to the reviews to see if you can handle it. Because that ending, am I right? Trust me, you will regret it if you don’t. 

This story was emotionally heartrending. It shook me to my core with the pain and heart break between Ridley and Reagan as they tried to wade through the past and hurt that tore their world apart. Several times I wondered if they would pull through and survive the fallout. Then I remembered this is Rid and Rea we are talking about. They had to. It would be life shattering if they didn’t. Life shattering for my life, of course.

Mindy Michele, this story was brilliant. It was heartbreaking. It was passionate. It was a beautiful song of love, regret, fight, and restoration. It was all the stars. 


Loss_TT7.10.18 copy

Loss_TT7.3.18 copy
We're pretty awesome! We both write books. We both live in the Carolina's (Mindy in South, Michele in North). We like singing in the car, eating white cheddar popcorn, and going on road trips together. You'll find us sharing a table at a few book signings each year. We have a love of romance, New York, anything sweet, and great books. Together we've written four novels and one novella, with many more in the works. We’re currently working on the Backroads Duet.

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