July 11, 2018

5*Review: PLAYING THE ODDS by Kate L. Mary #zombies #novella

Title: Playing the Odds

Author: Kate L. Mary

Source: KU on Kindle


When Cole breaks into a winery in the middle of Napa Valley, he’s pretty sure he’s only there to drink himself to death. After all, a virus has wiped out most of the population and turned them into zombies, and he doesn’t really feel like he has anything left to live for.

Alessa retreated to her family’s winery hoping to find comfort. Every good memory she’s ever had started there, and even though her entire family is now gone, she knows that she’ll have to hold onto the strength they’ve always given her if she’s going to survive.

After a rocky start the two find themselves trying to move forward and welcoming other survivors into the winery so they can work together to build a future. But as the chemistry between Cole and Alessa heats up, an unexpected twist is thrown their way, forcing them to fight the odds and find each other once again.

My quick take…

A wonderful, quick read that was perfect after finishing Mary’s THE LOUDEST SILENCE. I had just finished her newest, soon to be released book  and my mind was racing leaving me unable to fall asleep. So I dug in and got my fix. Then I picked up another one of the novellas and devoured it as well.

I really enjoyed this one and most of the characters. There were a couple I had to keep my eye one. And for good reason, too. Even with these being novellas, they are still packed full of so much zombies, romance and action. And lots of emotion. Novellas are a tall order to fill for such short reads, but Mary did a fantastic job with PLAYING THE ODDS. 5 Stars!

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