November 30, 2018

5*Review: TEQUILA HIGH by M. Leighton


Author: M. Leighton

Source: eARC from author for honest review


Haley Brandt isn’t the one-night-stand type, but too much tequila and a man with two sinfully black eyes left her breathless and willing to break her own rules. Her only solace was the fact that she’d never see him again.

Until the next morning when she finds out he’s her ride out of town and back to the ranch where she grew up.

Nixon Holt works with Haley’s father, so Haley makes her position clear—she doesn’t get involved with ranch employees. Ever. At nineteen, she’d learned her lesson the hard way, and it became her one unbreakable rule.

But Nixon makes his position clear, too: He’s going to wear down Haley’s defenses and he won’t stop until she breaks all her rules for him. He’s well on his way when Haley finds out the one thing that could make her hate him. Nixon is left with two choices: walk away or break all his rules for her.

My take...

He cups my face in his hands and stares into my eyes for the longest time. He says nothing and neither do I. I'm not sure words are necessary. He's doing a fine job of communicating without them. In the midnight abyss of his eyes, I see a tenderness, an understanding that surprises me. Maybe it's the bond of shared pain. Maybe it's an extension of the attraction that's between us.
Maybe it's something more. 


This book and these characters had me smitten from the moment it started and all throughout the story. It was so good. So entertaining. So stinkin’ hot. Leighton is a legend with the romances and knows how to bring the steam with some excellent storylines and her memorable characters.

There was absolutely nothing I didn’t like about this book. In fact, nothing but love for it. Especially Nixon. Oh my Nixon, yes! He pulled at my heart and he nearly broke it. He brought on all the feels. I cannot wait for more of this series, just so I can catch glimpses of him and Haley.

I know I just finished this book, but I am so looking forward to more. I can see several stories stemming from this one with the rest of the Brandt sisters, and maybe even Nixon’s brother, Tyson. We only saw him for a minute but I instantly loved him. I hope it wasn’t the last we see of him.

I think I have a new genre cowboy/ranch hand romance genres. It’s a thing right? Hopefully I don’t have to wait long for the next book. Work your magic, Leighton and get those beautiful writing fingers scribbling out another page turner quickly. I need more. 5 Stars!

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