August 30, 2011

Review: Fairy Circle by Johanna Pontes Frappier

Fairy Circle by Johanna Pontes Frappier

Title: Fairy Circle

Author: Johanna Pontes Frappier

Source: smashwords via author

Goodreads Summary:

Saffron Keller, high school graduate, is terrified to leave the boundaries of her mother's yard.
Creatures that don't exist are about to show her why.

My Take:

From the moment you start reading, until the end of the book...the author takes you for a wild and crazy ride. Fairy Circle in my oppinion is a mix between Wicked Lovely, Fallen and maybe a smidge of True Blood. You get the fairies, the vampires, and the past lives all mixed into one delicious book.
I didn't fall in love with the main character, Saffron, but I enjoyed her immensely. I enjoyed her quirky nature and all the situations she finds herself in. She has these weird dreams, some explicit, ever since she was young, which only get worse as time goes on. Saffron's life is opened up to all kinds of freakish things after spending time in the fairy realm. She see's ghosts in her bedroom, has garden gnomes living in yard, and she comes face to face with a vampire intent on making her part of the undead.
The other characters take the reign a few times in the book giving you a brief background into how they fit into Saffron's life. My favorite character was Markis who is just too sweet and adorable. (I have a soft spot for cute and adorable characters, I just want to eat them up).
All in all a good read from an author with an awesome imagination. Just when you think the storyline is going in one direction, she pulls a 180, leaving you stunned. And not to mention a cliff hanger of an ending. Go read Fairy Circle for a different and unique read!

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