September 26, 2011

Top 10 with Elizabeth Sharp

Top 10 with Elizabeth Sharp, author of Natural Selection
Its been a bit since I have done the Top 10 Post. Thanks Elizabeth for answering a few fun questions!

1. fav song/singer?
It changes with my mood, but today I'll say Jar of Hearts, by Christina Perri

2. fav season?
Fall. I love the changing leaves and that crispness in the air.

3. worst vacation?
Cheyenne, WY to meet my evil grandmother. It was redeemed by a tornado in Nebraska and a trip to Fort Laramie and part of the Oregon Trail, but overall it was almost a waste of time.

4. guilty pleasure?
Chocolate and chick flicks. At the same time. ;)

5. fav book and/or author?
Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. If I had to pick a favorite within those I'd have to say Fires of Heaven.

6. one item you cannot live without?
My cell phone. I start twitching if the battery dies and I can't charge it. ;)

7. hobby?
Aside from writing, and art (for book covers mostly these days) I am a beader and make some pretty spiffy jewelry.

8. fav movie/actor/actress?
Love Potion No. 9/Morgan Freeman/Sandra Bullock

9. fav food?
Ice cream

10. who would you like to meet? (dead or alive?)
Robert Jordan. I want to know how he kept ten billion characters unique. :D

Funny how a trip to visit a grandma was actually redeemed by a tornado. ;) Is it bad I haven't heard of Robert Jordan?  (will be looking him up!)

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  1. Thanks so much for having me, Mandy. :D

  2. I think she forgot to say on number 6 that she absolutely cannot live without internet access. I have witnessed the mayhem not having internet causes BAHAHA!! XOXO E!!! Awesome to 10!


  3. But my phone provides the much needed access so it's ok. :D