January 2, 2012

Top 10 with Author Nancy Straight {and Give@way!}

Well its 2012 and the first Top 10 goes to author
Nancy Straight!!
She is the author of the Destiny Series. 
I planned on waiting to do a giveaway of her book Meeting Destiny but decided to go ahead and do it now. I will be reviewing it on down the road, but here is your chance to get it now!
Stick around after the interview for your chance to win it.

1. Guilty Pleasure: Hmmmm. . .When no one is looking, I DEVOUR Snickers Bars. The fun size bags, I catch myself hiding them in back cabinets of the kitchen where no one else will find them.

2. 1 Book you could read over and over: I actually read lots of books over and over. I wait a year or two in between readings so it’s like discovering them again. Charlaine Harris’ books I’ve read several times, I like them much better than HBO’s “True Blood” adaptation.

3. Fictional Character you would love to spend the day with: Channie, from Charlotte Abel’s “Enchantment.” She is a very strong heroine with cool magical powers.

4. One thing you cannot leave the house without: I’m addicted to my Droid and feel like I’m not wearing shoes if I don’t have it with me.

5. Favorite Song/Singer: This changes from week to week, but, right now, I can’t hear “Red Solo Cup,” by Toby Keith without singing along.

6. Hobby. Writing / Reading Paranormal Romance. I have written a Paranormal Romance Trilogy: The Destiny Series. Meeting Destiny and Destiny’s Revenge are available now. Destiny’s Wrath will release the end of this month (Jan 2012). Right now, they are available as e-books, but they will all be available in Print within the next month.

7. Favorite Movie/Actor or Actress: Wow, any movie that Vin Diesel is in, is a big favorite. I’m also a huge fan of Sandra Bullock. I think I’ve seen every movie both has ever been in. Absolute favorite movie of all time is SPEED.

8. One place you would love to visit: This is a tough one. I spent 10 years in the US Marine Corps, so I’ve seen a lot of the world. The place I would most like to visit would be to show my sons some neat places right here in the US: Mesa Verde in CO, Mt Rushmore in SD, and Lake Louise in MT. Of everywhere I’ve traveled, the US is by far the most amazing place to see.

9. Favorite Food. I’m such a terrible cook that my favorite is anything that I don’t have to cook. (It’s my family’s favorite too!)

10. Favorite Author / Book. I have lots of authors that I admire, but my favorite is Shelly Crane. I badger her a couple times a month asking for advice (she is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met!) and I routinely beg her to release Defiance (Significance Series) early! I think I’m wearing her down.

So true about Charlaine Harris' books. I agree they are so much better than the tv show! But the answer that sold me on you? The last one! I absolutely adore the crap out of that lady. Yeah I said crap, but I mean it in the most endearing way possible ;)

Now go get in touch with Nancy and her books...

Ok who wants to win an ecopy of Meeting Destiny? I will be giving away a smashwords coupon to a lucky winner on Friday Jan 6th
So fill out the form and cross those fingers!


  1. Great interview! I love Ms. Straight's books! I can't wait for "Destiny's Wrath!"

  2. Very beautiful cover! Thank you for the giveaway and Happy New Year!