February 16, 2012

Top 10 with Author Raine Thomas and GIVE@WAY

I have another wonderful author willing to answer a few questions for me and my Top 10. Today's author is Raine Thomas, author of BECOMING, CENTRAL and FORETOLD.
I will be reviewing BECOMING soon.
Raine Thomas is the author of the exciting and original series of YA fantasy/romance novels about the Estilorian plane, including the Daughters of Saraqael trilogy and the upcoming Firstborn trilogy. She is a proud member of Romance Writers of America and is a contributing blogger to The Writer's Voice. When she isn’t planning weddings, writing or glued to social networking sites, she can usually be found on one of Florida’s beautiful beaches with her husband and daughter or crossing the border to visit with her Canadian friends and relatives.

1. fav movie/actor/actress? My favorite movie is Field of Dreams. It combines two of my favorite things: baseball and literature! (I'm going to be sneaky and throw in here that my fave actor is Johnny Depp).
2. fav song/singer? My favorite song is Hoobastank's "The Reason." It has a lot of sentimental value to me.
3. fav place you would love to visit? I've always wanted to visit Florence, Italy. The art history alone takes my breath away!
4. one item you can not live with out? Oh...I'd have to say my laptop. It seems as though my life is filed away on it, and I've sweated blood over it while writing. Me and my laptop, we're best buds!
5. who would you like to meet? (dead or alive) I'd love to meet the President. How cool would that be?

6. worst vacation? Definitely the cruise I took with my husband for my thirtieth birthday. We both got sicker than dogs with upper respiratory infections and acute sinusitis. We had to take sick time off work when we got home because we were so miserable!
7. guilty pleasure? Just about anything fried. Oh...and Ke$ha. For some reason I can't explain, I get into her music.
8. fav author and/book? My favorite author is Nora Roberts. Her "In Death" series (written as J.D. Robb) is one I've read again and again.
9. do you collect anything? Besides bills? lol Books. Lots and lots (and lots) of books!
10. pet peeve? This would have to be the misuse of words like there/they're/their and your/you're. I'm an English nerd, so those things tend to stand out to me!
I for one HATED English back in school so yeah I have been guilty of misusing words. And I am sure it has shown a time or 2 in my reviews. Also I am not a fan of President Obama..but yeah I think it would be pretty awesome to meet him. I mean for pete's sake he is the Man in Charge. So most def it would be awesome!
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And yes I did mention a giveaway. Mrs Raine has offered up 3 ebooks of her book Becoming. So yep..3 winners. Fill out the form and I will draw the winners Monday (20th) morning.
Contest Closed
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  1. I already have Becoming n I just want ta comment ta say how much I loved it!Highly recommend it n the whole Daughters Of Saraqael Trilogy!

  2. As you know, I love Nora too! I agree with most of your other favs as well! Great getting to know you a little more!

  3. Thanks for letting me stop by today, Mandy! It's been a lot of fun. And I appreciate the comments, too!

  4. Raine, it was great learning a little more about you!

  5. Funny, I collect books too... Now I need to collect bookcases to put them on.

    I'd die without my netbook - or my flash drive. I keep my flashdrive in a little food container so it's big enough not to get lost in my handbag. Paranoid much? Yes, yes I am.

  6. My husband and I got sick on a cruise, too. Not a lot of fun. I love these kinds of interviews, it's nice to learn a little more about you!

  7. Love the bio, mostly because it's the only time today I've seen Johnny Depp and Florence, Italy in the same post! Mmmmmm, Johnny Depp IN Florence, Italy... mine, all mine!

  8. Rains, I adore you and have an equal passion for fried food. Someone will be so lucky to win your book!

  9. Raine is one of my favorite people, and we're both collectors. I love my dusty old books, but I'm starting to fall in love with my ebooks too. I will definitely be adding Raine to my collection :)

  10. Raine, great interview. I too am addicted to my computer. I've been having migraines and my doc told me to rest today. So I did. With my Mac. It's sooo pathetic. haha.

    Books are wonderful items to collect. You rock. Keep writing more for us to collect.