March 31, 2012

Review: Stressed by Mireille Chester

Title: Stressed:A Status Short

Author: Mireille Chester

Source: bought got FREE off Barnes and Noble

This is a short novella inspired by a facebook status.

When Mi starts to hear songs only she can hear, she starts to think something might be wrong. When she wakes up in an asylum, she finds herself on a mission to find out the truth. Why are authors being kidnapped and kept in this hospital? Can she get herself as well as her friends out?

My Take...
Oh goodness, how mean would I be if I started this review off with 'Don't waste your money on this' SEEING AS IT'S FREEE! HAHAHA! Seriously though, just a joke. I saw Mireille posting how someone gave it one star and said not to waste your money. Well you can't waste your money if you didn't spend any.
Anywhooo, moving on. So remember those facebook status that say for you to choose the 10 people out of your friend's list and it gave a scenario for you to add those friends to? Well Mireille took one of those statuses and ran with it. Stressed is a very short but very entertaining read. Even my girl Tee kicked some major booty in the story. Didn't know you had it in you girl! And if I am ever stuck in a mental ward…I want you on my side.
Looking for a fun read that only takes a bit of your time? Well look no further than Stressed. Oh yeah there is even a special appearance from Author Matthew Merrick, drool and all!

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  1. hehehe Mandy I would bust you out in a heart beat! No mental hospitals for you ;)