April 4, 2012

Blog Tour: Chael's Luck {Top 10 AND Give@way}

Today during the blog tour I had Mireille answer the Top 10.
Her book Chael's Luck is absolute awesomesauce.

1. guilty pleasure? 
I’d have to say that my guilty pleasure is McDonald’s...  Seriously, I’m addicted.  If I don’t have Mickey D’s at least once or twice a week, I swear, I go through withdrawals.   
2. 1 book you could read over and over?
I really can’t pick one because it’s not possible.  I have two that I love equally.  The Lord of the Rings and the Outlander series.  I’ve read both at least ten times each.
3. fictional character you would love to spend the day with?
Oh, god… Just one? Ok, I’d have to say Pippin from Lord of the Rings.  I’d love to see Middle Earth and Pippin would be the one that would be the most fun to do it with.  He’s hilarious, carefree, a bit of a goof.  We’d travel the land, stopping in at all of the inns and pubs, ordering pints of ale and eating good food.  Yeah, definitely Pippin.
4. one thing you cannot leave the house without?
My cell phone.  I’m lost without it.  I am constantly checking emails, facebook, twitter, and if I have a bit of time waiting for something, it’s connected to my kindle so I can keep reading.
5. fav song/singer?
Right now my favorite song is I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz.  I don’t really have a favorite singer.  I like pretty much all types of music.
6. hobby?
Drawing, painting, and horseback riding when I get the chance.
7. fave movie/actor and or/actress?
For my favorite movie I’d have to say Boondock Saints.  I can watch that one over and over. (I’m a sucker for Irish accents).  My favorite actors (I can’t pick one) are Norman Reedus and Bruce Willis.  My favorite actress is probably Milla Jovovich.
8. one place you would love to visit?
Ireland/Scotland.  Ok, that’s two places, but the slash sort of makes it one. :D
9. fav food?
Steak Neptune  
10. pet peeve?
People who don’t train their dogs.  I’m a dog groomer so I’ve seen my share of misbehaved dogs.  I could probably write you a ten page rant on this, so I’ll stop myself right now. Lol

Giveaway Over!
ok now for the giveaway!
I will be giving away an ebook of Chael's Luck. All you have to do is leave a comment with your email. Mireille is giving away 5 awesome SWAG packs. Mireille is giving away 5 SWAG packs to 5 lucky winners. In order to be in the drawing for those is commenting and leaving email on the blogs. 

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  1. Chael's Luck--and everything else I've read by Ms C-is a fun, fast read. I especially like her slightly (incredibly?) twisted sense of humor.

  2. Thank you for the awesome author interview and giveaway!! I so would LOVE to win Mireille's book or some swag because I am a HUGE fan of Mireille!! Jenny Bynum

  3. thanks for the giveaway! I can't wait to read this book! I wouldn't mind some swag either
    delivery.RN at gmail dot com

  4. How exciting! Blogaboutabook@gmail.com

  5. I would love go win this book and/or a swag pack :)

  6. I agree with you about Pippin from Lord of the Rings. Thank you for the giveaway!

    artgiote at gmail dot com

  7. This book sounds fantastic! Thanks for the great giveaway:)

    bchild5 at aol dot com