April 17, 2012

Review: Legions by Karice Bolton

Title: Legions

Author: Karice Bolton

Source: ebook from author for review

As the magical holiday season is disrupted with an afternoon of horror, it becomes apparent that the Legions have begun their uprising around the globe, and Ana does her best to stay strong even though her world has been shattered. It is up to Ana to find the strength within and not fall prey to the dark side as she begins her chase to reclaim what’s rightfully hers.

Realizing that Ana’s visions alone are not enough to protect them, her family begins her training immediately before she is targeted once more. The Legions will not quit until they get what they want, and they have made it clear that mortals will not be spared, leaving Ana little time to figure out what it is the demons are after.

As Ana balances her time between chasing after her destiny and spending her time relearning how to fight demons, she learns something about her past that could change why she’s fighting for anything at all. Clues continue to unfold in the form of yellowed letters she finds from Athen buried within an old Tudor home; and her future is signaled in a lone, white rose left for only her to see giving her the strength to persevere. She is determined to not give up faith that she will have it all once more.

My take...
Just when Ana is awakened, she has Athen ripped from her world and he is sent back to start a new life without knowledge of her or his family. So on top of having to relearn her past life, Ana now must go searching for Athen to begin his awakening. And if that’s not enough, Legions are forming more than ever and taking out families one by one. Ana and her family have a lot on their plate and it may all prove to be too much for Ana to handle. Will desperate times call for desperate measures? Or will Ana throw in the towel when it all gets to be too much?
Legions takes off directly where Awakening ended. And that is great because you don’t have to go back getting lots of details playing catch up on where the characters have been or what they’ve been doing. Bolton added lots of action to this second book but not enough romance, like we saw in Awakening. But still…she did a wonderful job sneaking some sweet scenes in between Athen and Ana. Bolton also starts revealing shiny little secrets about the history of the group and why this whole war thing is going down in the first place.
Really good book with lots going on and one heck of an ending. Oh the ending…you won’t see it coming. I am looking forward to Cataclysm, the final book of the trilogy, to see how it all unfolds.

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