May 26, 2012

Becoming a Butterfly by Mia Castile Blog Tour {Review}

Title: Becoming a Butterfly

Author: Mia Castile

Publisher: Entwined Publishing

Source: ebook for blog tour

16 year old Lacey was never the center of attention, unless she was tripping, stammering, or being deposited into a pool by the local popular kids. All she wanted was to fit in, until one night when everything changed.
Jade and Tasha, her two best friends, helped her create an online personality that was everything she wanted to be - and it was only the beginning. In doing so she attracted the attention of Henry, her lifelong crush and next door neighbor. Unfortunately it was Farrah, her online personality and not herself, he was interested in.
She also attracted Chase the brooding, quiet, anti-social new kid of Brownsburg High School, who easily figured out her secret and blackmailed her. They forged a friendship that was both unique and complicated.
Lacey must decide if revealing herself to Henry and her entire school as the cool, charming, and funny Farrah is worth possibly losing him forever, and she finds herself needing to make an even harder decision than she ever thought possible. When did the lines between truth and lies get so blurred?

Becoming a Butterfly is a story about coming of age and finding yourself when you never knew you were lost.

My take...
What happens when you are called ‘Lacey-Bracey-Four-Eyed-Facey'? Well you invent an alter ego named Farrah of course. And things are going great for Lacey as she finds herself getting closer to her long time crush, Henry, until someone learns her secret. In order to keep Chase from telling everyone who the real Farrah is, she has to help his band out. But when she actually starts enjoying her time with Chase, Lacey has to decide if the whole charade is worth it.
Oh gosh, I do not miss my teenage years for nothing. Well I take that back. I had fun partying and hanging out with my friends. And thankfully none of the people I knew in high school were as cruel as some of the characters in the book. But gosh, being a teen is hard. And those of us that haven’t been teens for some time now are reminded of just how hard it can be.
I loved this book so much. It really reminded me of ‘1O Things I Hate About You’, ‘Drive Me Crazy’, and ‘She’s All That’ all jumbled together. Yes, it’s a 1999 movie flashback rolled into a book. Becoming a Butterfly is a book that had me sucked in; reading from start to finish within a few hours. A book that had me gaga over the characters…each and every one of them. And yes, I may have thought of Heath Ledger’s part in '10 Things I Hate About You' when I pictured Chase. (It’s a good thing I have netflix, because Becoming a Butterfly helped me remember some good movies).
I was so happy to see that there will be another book making this a series. When I got to the end and saw Butterfly Kisses and the first chapter I was so glad that the story would continue on. I mean with an ending like that it just had to. What will become of Lacey, Henry, and Chase? Becoming a Butterfly is definitely not your average love triangle…it was fun, flirty, and sometimes out of control. Go grab your copy of Becoming a Butterfly and prepare for the goodness.


  1. I loved your take on it and the fact that it sent you on a classic movie marathon!! *wow did I just call movies from 99 a classic, maybe throwback movie marathon. hehe

  2. Oooh, nice review! I totally felt like I got into the book! I don't do too many contemps but this sounds like a fun teenage angst book!! Yep, I loved "10 things.." and "She's all that", too!!