May 25, 2012

Top 10 with Author Liz Long

Today Author Liz Long has participated in my Top10. I will be reviewing her book Gifted: A Donovan Circus Novel come July.

1. fav song/singer? That's so hard! Can I go with a band instead? 'Cause I'd definitely pick Foo Fighters. If it's just one musician, then I'd probably pick Dave Grohl. Any song of his will do :)

2. fav season? Fall! I love the leaves, the cool air, the boots, and my wedding anniversary.

3. worst vacation? San Diego in 30 hours--we spent more time flying there and back than we did in the city! We were there long enough to see the zoo and barhop for a friend's birthday, but didn't even get to step into the ocean. It was no one's fault, but a disappointing vacation overall (although my husband swears the California burritos made up for it; I myself just wanted to step into the Pacific Ocean!)

4. guilty pleasure? Romantic Comedies w/ happy endings (especially if they have Kristen Bell or Josh Duhamel in them. Especially both. When in Rome, anyone?)

5. fav book and/or author? Harry Potter! JK Rowling is such an amazing writer that it's easy for me to learn something new from her every day just by re-reading Harry Potter. Order of the Phoenix is probably my favorite book of the series--sort of the turning point to learning that our childhood is about to change with Harry's with war and loss, as well as growing up and learning to stand together.

6. one item you cannot live without? Laptop--I don't mind the phone being taken away, but without access to fast writing and email, I'd shrivel into a ball in the corner.

7. hobby? If I can't count writing and reading (since those usually go hand in hand for authors), I'd go with eating or sleeping. Those don't work? Video games.

8. fav movie/actor/actress? Harrison Ford is my favorite actor of all time, which looks like it makes Raiders of the Lost Ark my favorite movie! (I have way, way too many to name)

9. fav food? Pizza. Especially with ham and pineapple or green peppers and onions.

10. who would you like to meet? (dead or alive?) Probably JK Rowling--assuming I had a unlimited, uninterrupted amount of time with her, I'd just pepper her with questions, from Harry Potter's family ancestry to how she managed to invent, mention, and remember all the tiny details she included in her world- and character-building!
How Funny..I was just telling hubby that Josh Duhamel will be in Nicholas Sparks' Safe Haven. I love him. And now I want to watch When In Rome...that is one my favorite movies. lol
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  1. I love Liz! She's so fun to work with, and Gifted is a great, exciting read. Great Top 10!

  2. Anonymous25 May, 2012

    Aw thank you Lauren! :) And thank you for the Top 10 today and review to come! (And if you ever want to have a long distance movie date, I'm always ready to watch When in Rome!) :)

  3. Hey, remember one time in the not very distant past I was on here for a top ten interview, and a lot of my answers tended toward the not so manly side? Well, I was reading this, and I thought, "Hey, I really liked when in Rome too." The unmanly streak continues! Also, Kristen Bell is wonderful.

    1. hahaha you are too much!! but it's ok if you unmanly side shows everynow and then...especially for When In Rome!!