June 26, 2012

Blog Tour: Cataclysm Review & Give@way

Title: Cataclysm

Author: Karice Bolton

Source: ebook from author for blog tour

When it becomes obvious that the dark side will stop at nothing to control the mortal world, Ana is faced with a decision that could determine the fate of Fallen Angels everywhere. Determined to not use mortals as pawns, Ana does her best to prepare for the battles ahead while protecting the innocent souls around the world. As danger looms at every turn, she realizes that the ones she thought were prey might actually be the predators, and it will take an army like never before to stop the wickedness from spreading throughout the world.

Please do not continue reading my review if you have not read the first 2 books of the series. It will contain spoilers otherwise.

My take...
In the last book, Legions, ends with Ana and Athen taking refuge inside a mountain when they get the news that Arie has been taken. Now in Cataclysm Ana has to keep the plan that Arie came up with secret. In order to keep Cyril from crossing over to the Dark Demons, the plan must go off without a hitch. So it’s up to Athen and Ana to keep Cyril in the dark.
Now a battle is brewing and they must be ready. Being ready means that they must tell Cyril the truth about Arie and prepare others for the fight of their lives. Will Cyril learning the truth be too much and send him seeking out the Dark Demons? Or will he see that Arie was only protecting him from making a very bad choice?

We get introduced to new characters in Cataclysm and trust does not come easy. With everything that has happened in the past who can blame them for not giving trust out to just anyone. But it is something they must do in order to move on and end the evil plaguing their kind and the world.

I love how each book takes off right where the other ended. It makes everything that much easier. I was very sad to see this series end though. I fell in love with Athen and Ana back in Awakening and loved the romance the two share. It’s sweet and you just want more and more of it. But not everything in the series is rainbows and butterflies for the two. Yes, they both have their share of pain and heartache. Loved seeing Ana grow and take charge from the beginning of the series to the end. We watch her lead her kind of White Demons with such authority. They look up to her and it’s easy to see why when you read the books.  

Cataclysm is a great book for those seeking an intense read and some sweet romance. You will find that it is the perfect ending to a wonderful series. A little bit of sadness and a lot of goodness brings it all together... leaving a smile on my face.

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  4. Sounds like a fantastic series. I'll have to add it to my wish list.