June 10, 2012

Review: Take me for Longing by Felice Fox

Title: Take me for Longing

Author: Felice Fox

Source: ebook from author for reivew

Bluegrass superstar Nic Taylor is ruined by the publication of a romance novel he swears isn’t about him. Forced out of his legendary father’s band, Nic quits the green hills of Tennessee for the seaside paradise of Malibu, California. There he must confront June Cricket, a real-life fan who isn’t about to back down from writing the sequel that could make her a star.

Take Me for Longing is a romance novella--the first in the American Heartstrings Trilogy.

My take...
June is the author of a bestselling novel and now her secret muse has been revealed. Of course none of the steamy scenes she wrote about actually happened with Nic…but a girl can dream right? And then write about it? But once he is revealed as the inspiration to June’s novel his life goes from Bluegrass celeb to a nobody when his father kicks him out of the family band. This is not at all what June wanted for the married man. Yes she had feelings for him but she doesn’t want to be a home wrecker.
Nic has followed his ex out to LA so he can still be a father to his 14 yr old son. LA is nothing like the hills of Tennessee, and everything is taking some getting used to. And when an accidental meet up happens with the woman who helped ruin his life, Nic realizes there are still feelings there. Can everything fall into place for these 2 young lovers or will a decision be the end of them before they even get a chance to get started?
Never have I read a book with anything Bluegrass related. But I loved it...reminded me of the days my family and I would go out to the Bluegrass festivals in Arkansas. As the author states...Bluegrass is all about a much simpler time...and it really is.
I really enjoyed the whole book…the characters, the storyline…it was all so well written. Funny that this is the author’s debut book in fiction, because it seems like she has been writing fiction forever. Fox definitely knows how to bring a reader in and hook’em.
I just loved June in the story. She is a strong woman trying to get over a divorce and the fall out of her book’s inspiration being identified. But she also has her weak moments and it was those moments that made her real to me. Sometimes books have such strong leading ladies that they come off fake and unrelatable. I did like Nic but I wasn’t totally gaga over him at times. I hated that he took advantage of certain situations and of June. He may not have tried coming off that way…but it was obvious it was happening.
Take Me for Longing is a quick read that will draw you in and leave you wanting more.

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  1. Sounds good! I'll have to check it out. Is that Pepe on yet another cover?