July 20, 2012

Review: Gifted: A Donovan Circus Novel by Liz Long

Title: Gifted: A Donovan Circus Novel

Author: Liz Long

Source: ebook from author for review

Even in a world of freaks, being a Firestarter is considered a dangerous Gift.

Lucy was born with the ability to create and control fire. She longs to leave the human world for one filled with Earthshakers, Transporters, and Chameleons, to name a few. When she rejoins the circus, it’s everything she hoped it could be—new friends, a potential love interest or two, and a place where she can be herself.

When troupe members begin turning up dead, however, Lucy is suspected of foul play. She must not only prove her innocence but also realize the full extent of her power. To find the real murderer, she must uncover the truth behind her father’s fiery legacy while figuring out whom to trust within her new circle. Little does she know the history of the Donovan Circus and its enemies might actually destroy the entire gifted world.

My take...
Lucy has now lost both her mother and her father so she is running away to the circus. The Donovan Circus is full of Gifted people and Lucy feels that may be the only place she will truly belong. With the gift of being a Firestarter, it may be a little harder fitting in, especially being a female Firestarter, which is rare. Returning to the circus life is anything but easy though. She must earn the trust of the other members and work her way up. Thankfully she is not the only new person starting. Gabriel is the new guy, but he isn’t keen on sharing his life’s history or his Gift. In fact he is kind of a jackass.

Not long after arriving there is a murder within the troupe. Of course suspicion is zeroed in on Lucy due to her talent and the lack of trust others have in her. Now Lucy has to do all that she can to clear her name and find the killer. Why is the killer setting her up? And could it really be one of the circus’ own doing the killing? Gabriel and Lucy will work together to end the mystery and find out who is behind the murders.

I loved the whole idea of the circus being run by a bunch of Gifted people. People with talents such as starting fire out of thin air and becoming engulfed in it. Talents that may include being able to transport from one area to another. Even a talent of being unbreakable. How cool is that? Haven't you always wondered how that Magician could make his assistant disappear and reappear somewhere else? Well Liz gives us a totally different take on circus life and the people who run the show.

Gifted had me intrigued from the beginning and I found it hard putting it down. Finding time to read while tile work is being done in the house? That is not so easy. So I didn’t get to invest the amount of time I wanted to while reading it. But it was still so good and very entertaining. The mystery had me guessing the entire time; who was the killer? Was it someone I already encountered in the book? *Cue music* Dun Dun Dunnnnn!

I enjoyed all the characters…especially Delia. I could just picture her talking and trying to get all her American words right with a hint of her Greek accent. I did find there were quite a few characters to keep up with though. And that became a little confusing at times trying to sort them all out. Now let’s talk about Gabriel and Keegan. Hello cuties! I despised Gabriel and had my heart set on Keegan. But after some time, I gradually began leaning more towards Gabriel.

Liz did not only a fabulous job writing a story that keeps you on your toes…but with some great characters added in…she has herself one heck of a read! Love a suspenseful, mysterious read? Gifted is just the book for you.


  1. Great review! I've had my eye on this book because I have a thing for stories involving special abilities. Can't wait to read it.

  2. Anonymous20 July, 2012

    Thank you SO much Mandy!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it and am thrilled you enjoyed it :)

  3. Awesome review! I'm actually reading this one next! :)

  4. I have this one for review too. Andrea read it recently and really enjoyed it as well. Thanks for the review!