August 17, 2012

Review: Soul Sisters by Janiera Eldridge

Title: Soul Sisters

Author: Janiera Eldridge

Source: ebook from author for honest review

Soul Sisters is an urban fantasy novel about African-American twin sisters Ani and Dana who have a rather unique secret: one sister is human while the other is a vampire. While the sisters have lived peacefully with each other for many years one fateful night will change both their lives forever. When a drunken man tries to attack Dana (the human sister) Ani (the vampire sister) protects her sister with all of her ferocious power. 

However, when the vampire’s leader Donovan finds out about the public display he calls for the sisters to be assassinated for disobedience. Ani and Dana now are in for the fight of their lives to protect each other as well as the lives of their dedicated friends who have joined them on their mission for survival. If Dana and Ani can make it through this time of uncertainty, Ani can take her new place as vampire queen. Soul Sisters is expected to be a trilogy; The book also features a multicultural cast of characters that brings a new edge of chic to the vampire world.

My take...

Soul Sisters Ani and Dana are in a fight for their lives…literally. Vampire Creator Donovan has revealed he will end Ani’s life due to her killing of an innocent. But Ani claims it was all to protect her sister Dana from being raped and possibly killed. Now they must travel thousands of miles in search of an ally and figure out a way to stop Donovan. Because when one sister dies, so does the other. That’s what happens when you share a soul.

Throughout the book we get transported from present time to back in the past beginning with 1912. Each time we are taken back the reader gets a little more info into how vampires are made and how it all started for Dana and Ani. Soul Sisters was a really interesting book with storyline that was different than the other vampire genres I have read. Once I understood the difference between Ani and Dana being 'twins' and 'soul sisters', I was able to understand the book a little more. I love how one sister is a vampire and immortal while the other is just immortal. It really is a great concept and makes the book unique.

But I did find I was confused throughout the book in different parts due to not enough detail and clarification. Some of my questions were answered but there was still a few that I was left with in the end. Hopefully they will get answered as the series continues.

I also couldn’t connect much with Dana’s character at all. I think largely due to the fact that there wasn’t much detail to her or development. You would think that if someone was around over a hundred years they would have a little more depth to them. At one point she is furious with Ani and the next thing you know she has forgiven her for everything in the past…all because Ani saved her from slipping on some ice? Ani on the other hand was pretty neat character and I enjoyed seeing her relationship with Dana play out from her side of the story. She was more developed and I would love to see more of her and Diego’s past and present brought forth.

I also found the ending to be a little flat. There was a lot of buildup to take on Donovan and then it just ended. But with the ending I think it’s a great lead in to the next book of the series. All in all Soul Sisters was a fairly good read and quite interesting. The authors approach into the vampire world is appealing and I look forward to see where she takes the series.

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