August 21, 2012

TOP 10 with Author Shanora Williams

Today's TOP10 is with Author Shanora Williams.
Her first book to the Helena Zane Series will be out very soon.

(Not final cover work)

1. Fav Song/Singer? My favorite song would have to be The Road I'm On by 3 doors down.
 2. Fav Season? Most definitely the winter. I love choosing winter sweaters, coats, and most of all, BOOTS!
3. Worst Vacation? My worst vacation had to be when I was around the age of 15 and my entire family went to Florida. It was already and 8 hr drive and my mother had gotten a speeding ticket. We were down there for a week and there was a lot of drama in the house and I just couldn't stand it any longer.
 4.Gulity Pleasure? Ugh.. sad to say but it is CHOCOLATE!
5. Fav Book and/or Author? That is a very hard one but I will say that I love the works of Stephen King, Nicholas Sparks, Cassandra Clare, and a bunch of others.
 6. One thing you cannot leave home without? My laptop. I'm using it right now, actually. I use it to write and if anything ever happened to it I would most likely freak out.
 7. Hobby? WRITING! I love to write, been writing since I was 11. I don't find anything cooler than it.
 8.Fav Movie and/or Actor? 300 and Immortals are my faves. I love Spartan movies or ancient Greek movies. I love action! My favorite actress is Cameron Diaz and my favorite actor is Hugh Jackman.
 9. Fav Food? I love all foods but my favorite has to be Chicken Alfredo with Garlic bread.
 10. Who would you love to meet (dead or alive)? I would love to meet Rihanna... I'm not sure why but I've loved her music for ages and she just seems like someone really fun to hang with.

Get in touch with Shanora...

 Until then here is a little peek at it...

“I don’t like the fact that I am making you two grow apart. I feel the jealousy in you both whenever you’re around one another.” She steps ahead to sit beside him but the nervousness rises within him as he looks through the corner of his eyes.

“I am jealous, Helena. I just don’t want him to hurt you. And I don’t want you to discover how he really is. He may seem like a great man to you right now but he is very sneaky and does things that will make you think otherwise of him. I don’t want him hurting you.” He touches her hand and she smiles as the warmth of his skin settles some of her nerves. 

“You should go see him. I shouldn’t be the one to hold you back. But if something happens to you while you are with him, I should have the right to defend you.” He continues to smile and she giggles as she leans against his arm.

“I give you the right, Arion.” She smiles and he smiles too as he leans in with her. She looks into his eyes but removes her hand quickly as she stands again. “I guess you can show me where he lives and I will be sure to find my way back here?” She smiles but he doesn’t. 

He stands quickly as he looks into her eyes, takes a large step forward, and pulls her in for an unexpected, yet passionate, kiss.

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  1. Thanks so much, Mandy! I really do appreciate this! :)