September 8, 2012

Review: Emerge by Lila Felix

Title: Emerge

Author: Lila Felix

Source: eARC for review

Jenna has spent too long being complacent and accepting. Her mother and step-father constantly belittle and berate her for simply being alive. She passes through life keeping everyone and everything at arm’s length because it’s just not worth the questions or the pity party. She takes what they dish out and just tries to survive.
She has thought up a million different ways to get away from them, but lacked the motivation and the sheer will. Like a fast moving tornado, her motivation comes in the form of a boy who cares for her as none other has and who shows her a glimpse of hope, a glimpse into a life she never thought she could have.
But is her new motivation enough to get her out…

My take...
When Jenna comes home every day she never knows who will meet her at the door: Medusa Mom or June Cleaver Mom. More times than not it was Medusa Mom. Jenna never felt the warm fuzzy love a mother is supposed to bestow upon her daughter. In fact it was just the opposite. Jenna knew what the back of her mother’s hand being smacked against her face felt like. She knows what it was like to go without dinner because her mom never made enough for her. So Jenna only had one focus…make it to graduation so she could leave her abusive home life and never look back. Little did Jenna know her life was about to change. But things always get worse before they get better.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to say to him and really I was waiting for him to say that it was all too much. I was waiting for him to admit that I wasn’t worth the fight, wasn’t worth the hassle. Wasn’t worth the time and energy needed to deal with my drama.

I was absolutely blown away by the range of emotion in this story. The highs were high and lows were pretty darn low. At the mere mention of the so called mother I was ready to come unglued on her arse. She is despicable and the lowest of low. But thankfully Jenna made the good in her life outweigh the bad and I believe that was what helped her get through her horrible home life. And that good would not have been possible without Carlos. He showed her there is someone out there willing to stand up for you, willing to show you real love, and willing to be your everything. He was someone that would drop everything just to come and pick up the pieces…and he did several times. He gets an A+ in my book.

I love how quickly their relationship progressed. It was kinda like how the hubs and me dated. Two months after dating he popped the question…2 months after that we got married…and here were 12 yrs, and 3 daughters later. Quick love really does work out in the end, especially when you are so in love. And the love between Carlos and Jenna was apparent.

        And his mouth…is lips were barely grazing the outside of my ear as he said “ I want you alone J with your mouth on mine and trust me, the last thing you will be doing is giggling.”  *Swoooon*

Thank you so much Lila for sending an ARC my way and giving me a chance to review your work. Now stop biting your nails with worry…the book was wonderful! I look forward to reading more of your books in the future especially if there are more Carlos like characters!

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