September 11, 2012

Top 10 with Author Emily Shore

Please welcome author Emily Shore to the blog. Come January, after my reading hiatus, I will be reviewing both of her books. 

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1. guilty pleasure? Fruit smoothies

2. 1 book you could read over and over? The Host by Stephenie Meyer

3. fictional character you would love to spend the day with? All my fictional characters or Catherine from Northanger Abbey. She and I would get along just fine.

4. one thing you cannot leave the house without? My writer's tote bag.

5. fav song/singer? Song=Love Song Requiem by Trading Yesterday. Singer=Sarah Brightman, Band=Breaking Benjamin or Trading Yesterday
6. hobby? Writing, painting, scrapbooking, baking

7. fave movie/actor and or/actress? Movie=Princess Bride, Actor=Harrison Ford or Sean Connery, Actress=Catherine Zeta Jones

8. one place you would love to visit? Scotland, land of my ancestors

9. fav food? Pizza

10. pet peeve? When someone tells me they're going to 'borrow' me something instead of 'loaning' me something. Please correct grammar people! Don't even get me started on that whole texting thing.

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