October 27, 2012

Review: Tyler's Story by Mireille Chester

Title: Tyler's Story

Author: Mireille Chester

Source: ebook from author for review

It’s been five years since his twin brother Trent was killed and Tyler has been on his own ever since. When he stumbles across Heidi, a human from the other world who’s just crossed over, he vows to get her home against his better judgment. What he doesn’t realize is that to keep his promise, he’ll have to risk his life and the one thing he’s managed to keep to himself since the war… his heart. Still, a promise is a promise and Tyler doesn’t break his. After facing human rogues, packs of Majs, and Zerpanays, he’ll have to decide… can he bear to let go of the one thing that’s managed to bring him back to life? Will he ever be able to bear going home?

Tyler's Story is Mireille Chester's YA debut in the world of Quelondain where shapshifters are the norm and magic is everywhere.

My take...
When I first started Tyler's Story I was a little lost...not really understanding alot of what was happening. But soon, when Heidi was introduced, everything fell into place and I couldn't stop reading. It was so good.  I love how Chester writes...she pulls the reader into the story. The reader feels everything the characters are experiencing and I couldn't get enough of them.

If you have read Chester’s Chosen One series you may notice a couple names get thrown around. (Hayden, Jasper) I haven’t yet, but this book is kind of a spinoff from that series. You will notice that Tyler is the nephew of Hayden, who was the main character in the Chosen One series. I really look forward to reading that series now. So that also probably explains why I was a little lost at the beginning of this story.

And that ending!?! It was so perfectly executed. I was so happy how it all went down. Just when you think everything is going to work out one way, Chester flip flops on you and says, ‘uh uh, I have something else in mind’. After reading her book, Chael’s Luck, I have come to learn that Chester is all about surprises in her stories. So the ending really shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did. And I was grinning ear to ear when it was all said and done.

Fans of supernatural genres will especially love this one due to the shifters in the story. But I also love that there is the human world and the shifter world. So people who enjoy reading about different dimensions on earth will get a kick out of this one. Great job Chester on giving us a great story that anyone would want to read.

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