January 22, 2013

Review: CROSSFIRE by Laura Bradley Rede


Author: Laura Bradley Rede

Source: ebook from author

My review of book one, DARKRIDE

Please do not read my review of CROSSFIRE if you have yet to read DARKRIDE. It will contain spoilers for book one.

It’s hard to move on when someone you love dies – especially if that someone is you. But that’s exactly what Cicely Watson is trying to do: move on, away from the sunlit life she knew and into her life as a vampire. It’s the only way to protect her friends, and her only hope of being with the guy she loves. Now that Ander can control the wolf inside him, Cicely is determined they will finally be together – even if their natural instincts tell them to tear each other apart.

But when Ander meets a new girl with a power he can’t resist, Cicely fears she saved his life only to lose his love. And what about her own feelings for Luke Marianez, the handsome vampire prince? She always claimed dark, brooding Luke simply wasn’t her type, but can she still deny the fire between them now that she’s his kind? When the enemy captures someone she loves, Cicely is forced to choose. Can a heart that stopped beating start loving at last? Or will true love be caught in the crossfire?

My take...
I just knew when I finished DARKRIDE nothing good is going to come out of Ander, Luke, and Cicely in a van...on a road trip together. Then add Emmie, Five, and D.J. and the odds were even worse. But thankfully the crew made it to their destination seeking an old friend from Michael's past; a friend that was only supposed to be used 'in case of emergency'.  I think having killed the vampire queen and hunters on your tail...well that is a perfect example of an emergency. Don't you think?

The whole first half, maybe three-fourths of the book, I was absolutely hating on Ander. I don't know why I felt this way and I should have come to expect it. But even with knowing how head strong he was in DARKRIDE, I was hoping he would let down some of his walls. When in all actuality he had already began adding more in CROSSFIRE. I seriously wanted to slap him upside his wolfish head and try to knock some sense into him. And what is it about clueless guys in books? Ugh! Seriously was not caring for him much in this read. Well up until the end…then he came around.

But then there was Luke. Even when I was hating on Ander, I still didn't get that warm fuzzy feeling I had for him in DARKRIDE. I loved him yes, but didn't feel he was the one for Cicely. And maybe there was a reason for that? Hmmmm?? Moving on now. Cicely was a great character to read about as she was coming to terms with her new status as vampire...in the back of a van for goodness sakes! Then to be deposited in Maine at some unfamiliar location...dealing with everything vamps deal with. I am surprised the chick didn't lose it. But I still loved her none the less.

I am going to lay this out there...I loved CROSSFIRE way more than DARKRIDE. Not sure why that is but I think this one had more feeling and emotions embedded in to it. I also think, overall, it was the questions the whole storyline stirred up. ‘Does he love me? Do I have a right to care? Should I be with him instead? Who am I am anymore? Can I trust myself?’ And not just questions from Cicely…but Ander and Luke too. There was so much uncertainty among everyone that it kept the reader guessing the entire time.

Have a love for vampires, werewolves, and witches? Then this series is definitely for you. Fast paced and full of adventure you will never find a dull moment. Don’t forget to add in some romance and you have a book that will be hard to put down. Rede knows how to deliver a story anyone will love and her writing doesn't suck either. (That was a little vampire pun, but not sure I pulled it off.)So read CROSSFIRE today. And if you are one of those people that haven’t read DARKRIDE and didn’t yet continued to read my review even when I said not too….go get DARKRIDE today and you can thank me later. 

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